Continuing on with character inspiration for The Steampunk Chronicles. When I saw Lily Cole in St. Trinians I knew she was my Emily. Can't you just see her with dreads and goggles?

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Published on October 11, 2011 15:54 • 333 views
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Mandy at Blythes & Books If only I knew what Emily was supposed to look like... But I can picture her with dreads and goggles indeed!
I'd be very much willing to proof-read your book and give it a thorough review! ;)
I finished 'The Girl in the Steel Corset' a couple of days ago and I simply adored it! Love your descriptive writing, the world, gadgets, characters, romance. I am soooo looking forward to the next installment!!!!

message 2: by Jéssica (new)

Jéssica She was the Emily in my head all the time while i was reading, but i imagined her a little shorter:
too cute ^^ <3

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