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I am looking for reviews! If you’re interested in reviewing either one of my books RILY Forever or Everything I’ve Dreamed Of, please respond to this email and I will send you a free copy. Then, once you send me a link to your honest review, I will enter you to win a $10 Amazon gift card. All reviews must be posted by April 30th and a winner will be chosen the first week of May. 

Let me know which book you want to review or if you want to review both. For every platform you review on (Amazon, Goodreads, iBooks, B&N, etc…)it is an additional entry. The more places you review the better chance you have of winning!
PictureR.I.L.Y. Forever 
Remember I Love You Forever...

When Julia Walker unexpectedly runs into Dr. Ethan Sullivan, the man who stole her heart twenty-two years ago and whose heart she shredded in return, their reunion is emotional and explosive. While sparks fly and their passion reignites, the past rears its ugly head and the lovers soon discover that a foundation built on secrets and lies will always crumble. Can Ethan and Julia overcome their painful past and learn the lessons of honesty, trust, and forgiveness in time to save their love?

Everything I’ve Dreamed Of
Kate Willowbrook dreamed of a life filled with beauty –– a man who loves her, friends, and a home. At eighteen, Kate's dreams were replaced by nightmares when she witnessed a crime. Kate fled, never settling down and never trusting anyone until at the age of the thirty, she discovers the small town of Lakes Crossing and CEO, Noah Reed. 

When Noah’s wife was killed in an accident, his world exploded. Noah settled for an empty, loveless life until the day he met Kate. When he learns about Kate’s past and finds she is still in danger, Noah takes over, becoming over-protective—to the point Kate feels stifled and controlled. 

As Noah and Kate struggle to put the past behind them and find a balance that fulfills both their needs, they learn that there are no guarantees in life, but in Lakes Crossing they have been given a second chance at love.

Norah Bennett
Escape your world and enter mine~ people and places you'll never forget!
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Published on April 01, 2017 12:00
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