Reviews of good, free kids' ebooks

Do you know a child who devours books? If you want to fill up their ereader or tablet without breaking the bank, this is my latest list of decent free ebooks available from the Smashwords self-publishing website.

As with my previous lists, I've been looking for properly written, well-plotted books for readers of up to about 11 years. I haven't included any very short stories or picture books, Minecraft stories, or books that are only published in epub format (since I can't read them on my Kindle.)

Click on the book's title to be taken to the book's Smashwords page. There you can download it in a choice of formats.
In no particular order, then:

Esmerelda Smudge and the Magic Pepper Pot by Mandy Martin. A magic pepper pot that grants wishes starts to change Esmerelda's life - and not always for the better! Fun for ages 9 and over.
Also by Mandy Martin: Josie and the Unicorn Josie meets a short, fat unicorn who needs her to save the world, in a lively fantasy adventure for ages 9 up.
Ellie and the Mushroom Thief by Kate Amedeo. Ellie the witch finds an unexpected creature stealing her mushrooms. A gentle tale for readers of 7 and over.
The Little Demon Who Couldn't by Odelia Floris. A clever, well-written tale about Murmur, who disappoints his demon family by not being evil enough; for readers over 9.
Beyond Wisherton by Amanda Hamm. 12 year-old Sevra has an unwelcome supernatural gift, which means her whole family must leave their home. Fantasy for good readers aged 11 and over.
Winter Takes a Holiday by P.J.Leonard. When Anttoni climbs a mountain he gets a shock, in this good-natured, shortish story for ages 8 up.
Piglet Gets a New Job by Joe Corcoran. After a circus piglet gets too big to be fired from a cannon, she has to get a new job. A playful story which needs quite a high reading level - about 9 or so.
Hugh Tube by Richard Clark. Although the hero is a 14 year old with a camera strapped to his head, this snappily told, humorous school story could appeal to ages 10 and over.
Also by Richard Clark: A Dog of my Own is a lively farce involving 11 year old Jonas and a movie-star dog; for ages 10 up.
Gobbles - the Hungry Cat by Maxwell Grantly. Jack's mother warns him, 'Don't overfeed the cat!' But somehow Jack keeps forgetting... A light-hearted short story for ages 8 and over.
The Legends and the Inca Crystals by Lia Ginno. Despite some missing punctuation, this is an involving tale of teleportation, Druids, Inca legends, trolls and more; for readers over 10.
The Prince who Turned into a Toad by Shelley Chappell - a fairy story with a twist. Prince Rupert deserves his toad status, but it's up to his sister to turn him back. For readers over 8.

For other free ebook suggestions, please scroll back through this blog... and if you'd like some stories specifically for Christmas, I've updated my Christmas book list here.

Happy reading!
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