Show me the upside of Brexit? I dare you ...

A couple of days ago, I made a public post on Facebook, asking those of my FB friends who had vocally supported Brexit on the social media platform to come forward now with some positives of the way ahead as we enter the final phases of negotiations. There has been so much negative press about Brexit that I felt that it was necessary to offer these people who were, after all, victorious in the vote, the chance to put the up side of the situation to everyone.

We’ve had news of the great financial institutions in London preparing to move their operations into Europe in order safeguard their passporting rights, taking with them the literally billions of pounds that they generate in taxes every year … perhaps this is “fake news”?

The value of the pound has plummeted and shows little sign of improving. Therefore our money is worth less, holidays abroad are more expensive and ... yes, there IS an upside ... the value for exporting is beneficial. However, imported goods are much more expensive so those manufacturers who bring in raw materials from Europe are having their costs raised. Storm in teacup? Perhaps it'll go back up again?

Growth predictions for the coming few years are at an unprecedented 2% - the Chancellor has told us the story and the press are aghast. These are the lowest predicted growth rates, relegating our economy to that of a backwater ... and the ratings agencies are likewise downgrading our economy. But, what does this mean? Surely nothing in the great scheme of things - just people playing with numbers?

We’ve learned that the likely average wage will not achieve levels last seen in 2008 - a depressing failure for all those working at any level and by any measure, but something that has not been seen for many a long year. Perhaps this is merely “Remoaners” bleating about not having won?

We also hear of the fact the the UK will be excluded from all of the European initiatives that lift our societies beyond the mundane and build a sense of European identity - The European City of Culture being one. Are these just hollow things that no one will care about in years to come?

We’re finding that all of a sudden our supply of nurses, doctors, fruit and vegetable pickers and a whole raft of people in the service and hospitality industries are deciding that the UK is not for them after all. There’s been a massive drop in people feeding into these much-needed sectors. Well, I guess we don’t want them anyway, perhaps? Immigrants, aren’t they? We should be self-sufficient as a country, entire of itself … perhaps?

News comes that diplomats and politicians from across the world see that Britain’s footprint on the world stage is being diminished and there’s little point in referencing it now as part of any political, strategic or diplomatic initiative. What was the point anyway of this stuff - just the UK pretending to be a player on the world stage?

There are plenty more negative stories about Brexit and the impact it will have on the UK and I felt it was only right to give those who had promoted it so strongly - you know who you are - the chance to put a positive spin on something which to the rest of us looks like an unmitigated disaster.

The result, you’ll be interested to know, was nothing. There was total silence. Not a single person offered a positive comment. No one told me where I was missing the point. Oh, and just to be certain, I made my post public - available to anyone who cared to read it - so it wasn’t just limited to my pro-Remain, self-selecting bunch of cronies.

Not a word. Not a peep.

So, I’ll ask this question of us all, but particularly of our government, which is stumbling in the general direction of some sort of Brexit but who the fuck knows what it’s going to be:

Why are we doing this? There is no upside. There is no benefit. No one can see a way in which we will be substantially advantaged. (Please don’t come and rant at me about “immigrants” and “taking back control” and “the rule of law” - if you’ve read anything with any insight you’ll know it’s hollow.)

Moreover, we were all lied to - remainers and leavers. Every one of us had lies rammed down our throats by cynical politicians and groups with vested interest (not forgetting the likelihood that there was serious planting of real “fake news” in social media by person or persons unknown) all designed to destabilise us and persuade us that one course or another was right.

It was ALL lies or, at best, conjecture. No one knew what the outcome would be and, now that the horrible truth is dawning on us, we need to back pedal and you, yes YOU! The people who most supported Leave and are now staying silent, YOU need to stand up and say, “I was wrong, perhaps.” We need to think again.

Why are we not seeing that this is a folly on a scale unprecedented in our history? There has to be a way out. There has to be an alternative. We should allow the people, now apprised of the facts as they emerge, the opportunity to change their minds. This is too serious, too monumental not to take a second vote. People change their minds. Politicians change their minds. We now allow women to vote, homosexuals to marry, people to have abortions … just continue the list. These are all products of a change of mind.

Let us have the chance to change our minds. Now.
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Published on November 26, 2017 14:06 Tags: brexit, leavers, new-vote, referendum, retainers
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