Oh, Yes!

by Victoria Grossack

There were two little words that oft filled my head,
Two little words that would fill me with dread.
The phrase “Oh, no” -- though appearing benign --
Would sap my will. Instead of trying, I’d whine.

Then one day when the outlook seemed bleak,
And my “Oh, no” response left me helpless and weak,
Someone else said, “Yes, we can meet this challenge.”
I felt empowered -- and we actually managed!

So I started replacing “Oh, no” with “Oh, yes!”
And to my surprise, instead of feeling more stress,
My mood improved. I got so much more done.
Even cleaning out drawers became genuine fun!

I tackled a dream that once seemed impossible
And slowly and surely that goal became plausible.
Of failures and setbacks I may have had more;
Winning’s never sure – but who’s keeping score?

“Oh, no” paralyzes while “Oh, yes” recognizes
Problems -- then often a solution arises.
“Oh, no” makes you stop so you’ll always do less
While “Oh, yes” helps you go, gives a chance of success.

“Oh, yes” not “Oh, no” is a lesson worth sharing.
“Oh, yes” lifts my heart; “Oh, yes” keeps me caring.
If you want an approach that both cheers and blesses
Kick the noes from your life and welcome the yeses.

Just wanted to share this poem - not my usual writing but everyone can use a bit of positivity.
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Published on October 28, 2017 06:15 Tags: oh-yes, victoria-grossack, yes
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Thomas Jensen Loved it!

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