Are you ready for Crazy Bitch?!

So Crazy Bitch is on her way, but don’t blame me if she’s more than you bargained for! ;)
Sarah and Daniel have both told me that there won’t be a part two to her and Calder’s story, because I almost went insane writing this. To say that she is nuts is putting it mildly; Crazy Bitch doesn’t make any pretense about who she is and makes no excuse to anyone about how she acts. In Lucky’s book, Willa said she wanted to be like Killyama, and Lily wanted to be like Sex Piston. Well, I want to be like Crazy Bitch. She’s not afraid to say anything she wants to say, and everyone gets the hell out of her way. Poor Calder gets more than he expected as their relationship develops. He’s another reason I’m jealous of Crazy Bitch. On my playlist, there is a song called Simple Man and he is just that.

Calder doesn’t want a lot out of life, he wants a steady job, a home with a backyard, and Crazy Bitch. I could deal with that. In this world that is filled with excess, Calder looks out for others more than himself, even to the extent of not wanting to hurt Stud and Sex Piston by admitting he’s Star’s father.

Since I have begun writing I don’t think I’ve had two characters that fit together as perfect, other than Shade and Lily. I hope that all of you take them to your heart during this glimpse I have given to you of their lives. I was sad to see it end, and it’s just like the eclipse: it was magical, then even though it was over way too soon, you’re just so freaking happy for some inexplicable reason.

Okay enough of them, I could go on and on. Lol. I do plan on writing more Biker Bitches in the future, the next one in my crosshairs is T.A. I can’t leave the bitch hanging. I also want to address several emails I have concerning their nicknames. My biker bitches are strong, confident women who came up with their nicknames to give themselves strength. Someone even said that no woman would be called Sex Piston, but believe me, anyone that wants to call me Sex Piston would make my freaking day! And truth be told, both my son and my daughter have called me Crazy Bitch on occasion. I don’t take it in a derogatory or disrespectful way, I am a crazy bitch when I’m working. Their names are their amulets, they protect them. None of the women really deserve their nicknames, except for maybe Crazy Bitch. She’s definitely a little cray cray.

I want to thank everyone that made this book possible, C&D editing who bless her heart I don’t know how she puts up with me. I tell her all the time no one else would ever put up with me. Diamond in the Rough and Hot Tree Editing are also willing to go the extra mile when I want to add paragraphs and I’m too scared to tell Kristen what I’ve done. My son who keeps me calm with a steaming hot cup of coffee every morning. My daughter who makes me go out to play blackjack when I’ve been inside a little too long. My friend Sherry Williams, who texts me recipes to tempt me off my diet. But more than anything in the world, my fans who give me the drive to get up every morning, because I know they are waiting for me to finish, so they can fuss at me for the next one. Lol.

Yes, Rider is coming, Yes, Gavin is coming. I’m working on Rider’s book now and I’m already determined to make it come out in December, and Gavin’s will be out sometime in 2018. I haven’t forgotten about Dustin either. Good things come to all who wait.

I hope my fans are safe and sound after the hurricanes in Texas, and Florida. My prayers have been with you every step of the way and will continue to do so as you recover. Please be safe. I can’t imagine how hard it must be on all of you. If you need anything or someone to talk to please don’t hesitate to message me.

With all my love and prayers,

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Published on September 12, 2017 23:19
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message 1: by Vicky (new)

Vicky Sat here (at work I might add) waiting for the LIVE comment!!! Cannot wait. xxx

message 2: by Leigh337722 (new)

Leigh337722 eagerly waiting although I thought Rider might be the next one up ...

message 3: by Alexiel13 (new)

Alexiel13 Love you J. Begley,
I'm really sick this days, but you've made my day!!!!

message 4: by Diana (new)

Diana Schroeder Can't wait, Can't wait, Can't wait! Love these books and Crazy Bitch is a favorite because I wish I could be more like her.

message 5: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Begley CRAZY B!TCH is now LIVE!
NOOK ➜ Will update when LIVE

message 6: by Alexiel13 (new)

Alexiel13 Available in Amazon France too!!! Just bought it!!! Ready to start!!!

message 7: by Natasha (new)

Natasha got it :-)

message 8: by Leigh337722 (new)

Leigh337722 got it on my kindle and halfway through now! for those still thinking, go and get it :-)

message 9: by Kimmi (new)

Kimmi Got it and will be starting it tomorrow. Thank you for writing such wonderful books. They bring me hours and hours of enjoyment. 💜💜💜

message 10: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Montejano Will this book as well as Rider's book be on Audible??

message 11: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Montejano I would like to get this for my sister (that is on /audible

message 12: by Tammy (new)

Tammy I'm so excited to read it. I love your books!

message 13: by Angel (new)

Angel best series of books ive read

message 14: by Denise (new)

Denise Phillips I love the bitches books hard on the outside soft on inside love how the women know what they want

message 15: by Denise (new)

Denise Phillips When will book of rider coming love to see who snags him

message 16: by GuLya (new)

GuLya Please, just please withhold from menage (at least where the hero and heroine are concerned) in your next books to come, starting from Rider. I have dropped reading so many books of yours due to this reason. Don't rob me of the pleasure of enjoying your books.

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