"Eww," Angelina scrunched up her nose as Cole walked back into the room.


"You smell like my dead grandmother," she pinched her fingers over her nose.

Cole said nothing. Just went to the kitchen and set about making tea. Tea. He was obsessed with the stuff. Drank at least a dozen cups of it a day.

He was avoiding her.

She was pretty sure she knew why.

"Cole. Why do you smell so bad?"

"Its not me," he replied shortly.

Her suspicions were confirmed. "You have a body stashed here. Is that safe? What if the cops come here? I just killed my husband. Duke is dead, they're going to come and notify me sooner or later." The thought of Cole being thrown in prison left her so panicked she could barely breathe.

"Relax, Ange," he came and took her by the shoulders. "No one is going to find out it was us. Why would they even suspect us?"

"Why would they suspect us?" she repeated incredulously. Had Cole just blocked out the last couple of months? "Maybe because my husband was just killed by an unidentified shooter. Maybe because everyone knows he and I have been having problems. Maybe because everyone knows I walked out on him. Maybe because everyone with eyes and half a brain knows that we've been seeing each other. Maybe because Duke is your partner. Maybe because the whole thing looks suspicious."

"He hurt you, Angelina," his bright blue eyes were fierce with a protective rage that made her feel all warm and gooey inside. She was safe with Cole. He would never lay a hand on her. "He deserved to die."

"I don't disagree with you, I just don't want to go to prison."

The backs of his knuckles brushed lightly across her cheek. "You won't, babydoll, I won't allow it."

"I don't want you to go to prison either."

"I have no intention of going to prison," he dipped his head and touched his lips to hers. "I'd never let anyone take me away from you."

Angelina was just relaxing when the doorbell rung.
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