Okay, so, Imagine you write this YA novel. This novel is intended for kids 15 and up. You write this novel because you love YA but, it often frustrates you. You have teenagers in your home all day long but often, dialogue in YA doesn't sound at all like how the teens you know talk. So, you write a book with this, with them, in mind.

Then...you get a book deal. You get a very lovely big, fat book deal with an editor who adores your book and you are very happy. Thrilled. And you assume that your book will be in the YA section because it's so TOTALLY YA. It doesn't occur to you that it will be in the adult sci fi section because it's sci fi for sure, but sci fi for teens (and adults who love YA, like yourself).

So what do you do when you are told that your book is in the adult section? When you are told that it was indeed bought by a publisher who has never had a book in any other section of the bookstore but sci fi? You can't quite believe this because everyone read the same book. You don't know how these things work. You figure that a book can go in two different sections of a book store. A book can be two or three different things...What do you do when you are told that this is never the case. That once your book is labeled one thing, it can't be something else.

And then you come to a space like goodreads and all you read again and again are people who are like THIS BOOK IS SO ANGSTY! THIS BOOK IS SO OBVIOUSLY YA! WHY IS AMY TRYING TO FOOL US? THIS IS NOT PROPER SCI FI!!!

Imagine for a moment what you would do if this happened to you..And then you will know how I feel. This book was never meant to go into adult sci fi. And while it really pisses me off when I read comments like all my characters are trying to do is have sex (they so aren't, it goes so much deeper but you would have to be an actual intelligent, thinking human being to understand that because it's implied, not stated). The reality is, teenagers, especially teenagers who are infantilized by their parents or who are made to believe that sex is morally wrong -are super horny and very curious. It's a motivator for my character sure BECAUSE IT'S A YA BOOK.But, it's not the only motivator, not by a long shot.

So please, please give me a break. This is not at all going according to plan. If you read the book hoping for adult sci fi and are disappointed then I feel you. I also promise you that you can't be more disappointed than I am.
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Published on June 23, 2017 22:21 • 170 views
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Laura You might want to add this as a book review to your book - more people will see it that way.

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