Do you have a place that you wish you could escape to when the responsibilities of daily life start to drag you down?

Do you ever wish you were far, far away… in a place where there was nothing but beauty and silence all around?

For those of us who are horse people, that silence is accentuated by the quiet footfall of horses along a trail somewhere.

But, like most people, I don't have much chance to do that.  I spend most of my time working, and caring for children, going to the dry cleaners and the post office.  Doing ordinary things.

When I can't just ride away into the sunset, I can still dream about it.  I can still let a great story transport me away to that place where there is nothing but the wind in my face and the bending waves of wildflowers in the distance.

There is something about that special bond between horses and humans that can carry us through rough times.

We can go to that place where we are close to the earth, and close to our own inner life.





I can feel the gentle sway of the horse under the saddle and hear the birds singing in the distance.

My cares and worries are far away.






Sometimes, you only imagine the ride,  maybe you've only imagined riding along with the great horse stories: Velvet, in National Velvet, Alec in the Black Stallion, or Red in Seabiscuit.

And sometimes, like the lucky ladies pictured here, members of the Caballeros Hillfillies Club, you actually get to live your dream for a while, riding through breathtaking backcountry in Utah.

And look what they brought along for required reading?

The Eighty-Dollar Champion!

So for everyone who will ride a horse today, and for everyone who has ever ridden a horse, in real life, or just in your mind…

May your trails be happy, and full of love and laughter, and wildflowers, and most of all, stories.

Stories, horses, and most of all horse stories, have the power to take us to dwell in the very best place for a while.



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Published on September 07, 2011 14:20 • 81 views

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