Fighting for Jax is finally here!!!

Fighting for Jax (Marlowe #4)

The book you've all been waiting for is finally here. Does true love really get a second chance? Find out now while it's only 99 Cents!

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Erin Morris made a decision that would forever change her life and those in it. With fierce determination and hard work, she has found success but never forgotten where she came from and the boy she left behind. Four years later, Erin has an opportunity to right the wrongs of her past and help the one person she has always loved.

Jackson “Jax” Hartley embodies everything expected of his bad-boy rocker persona. With success and popularity comes the ability to indulge in everything offered him - money, women, booze, and drugs. When he’s given an ultimatum by his bandmates to clean up his act or lose the career he’s dreamed of, Jax agrees to accept help from the one person who has the ability to break him. Again.

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When Erin and Jax return to her family’s ranch in Texas they’re forced to face the ghosts of their past and decide if the time apart has changed the love they once shared. They must answer a question that neither is prepared to face – Can your first love remain your true love?

Together they are given a second chance.

At life.

At love.

At everything.

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Published on May 24, 2017 08:50
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