Empire of Time (New Pompeii 2) is the sequel I didn’t expect to be able to write.

I wrote New Pompeii hoping, but not knowing, that it would be published. I didn’t have an agent, let alone a publishing contract. I often describe my writing as an 'out of control' hobby and, as such, once I’d started to submit New Pompeii to various agencies, I’d started to work on several other ideas.

Of course, when writing a novel, ideas for sequels invariably occur. I’ve written about half a dozen or so novels that didn’t get published, and had ideas for sequels for all of them. My self-published children’s e-book, Johnny Max and the Panther’s Skull, basically ends by giving the title of what would have been the second book. (I’m sometimes asked whether not I will write it but, sadly, self-published novels rarely achieve the sales required to make this worthwhile – certainly not my one!).

Anyway, I knew where I wanted to go with New Pompeii 2, and as usual had left the ending to the first story with enough threads onto which a sequel could hang without it feeling bolted on. (After all, events in history never end with a full stop, do they?) There were also many aspects of the premise I hadn’t explored, many bits that I couldn’t quite get to fit into something I’d intended as a lean, fast-paced story. Fortunately, New Pompeii found a home first with an agent (Ian Drury, Sheil Land Associates) and then with Titan Books. But still, the dilemma: the deal with Titan was a one-book contract. My options were next to write something completely different and then look to sell that, or start work on a sequel whilst all the facts and research was still fresh in my head. As it turned out, Titan were very keen when I outlined the potential plot for Empire of Time, and I signed a second contract just before New Pompeii was published.

Empire of Time is set fifteen years after New Pompeii. Nick is not quite Roman, and yet the world outside New Pompeii is now also becoming alien to him. We see Pompeii as past (the ancient city, following the story of a female gladiator), a near-present (within the ancient ruins as it continues to be explored), and future (New Pompeii itself).

It is a time travel story as much as a Roman story; this time with a dash of cold-war thriller rather than conspiracy tale. I hope it is different enough to find its own place, whilst keeping the pacing and overall feel of New Pompeii.

I hope you enjoy it!

Empire of Time is published by Titan Books on June 20th 2017.
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message 1: by Bill (new)

Bill Lynas I loved the first book and I am really looking forward to the sequel. My wife also thinks that buying your new novel will be a lot cheaper than getting on a plane and visiting Pompeii for a second time!

message 2: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Godfrey Thank you! (There seems to be lots of good work going on at Pompeii at the moment, with houses opening back up to the public which have been closed for some years. I can't wait to get back there to see some of it!)

message 3: by Bill (new)

Bill Lynas It is one of the most remarkable places I have visited. When I return there one day I'll take one of your novels with me.

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