There’s a reason you picked up that book…

What is it about a particular book that makes you want to dive straight in? Are you swayed by the colours in the image, or the phrasing of the title, or simply the author’s name? Does the genre or the location make an impact? If the book claims to be similar to another author’s work, does that ensure a purchase or send you running for the hills?

Recently, I’ve seen a trend in people listing their reasons for wanting to read a book – and also for NOT wanting to read a book. I can understand most of the reasons for their emotional reactions, but I don’t necessarily feel the same way, so I’ve decided to create my own list of five things that make me want / not want to read a book.

I want to read a book if:

The cover displays an image (real or illustrated) which draws me in and makes me feel that I could be enjoying that view as the story unfolds.

It is set in Greece. No explanation required!

It has a short and effective blurb, focusing on one character and the dilemma they are facing.

There is a good range of ranking in reviews and not 100% 5 star comments. It’s not possible for every single person to love the book and it just looks false.

The author is one of my favourites: James Patterson, Paulo Coelho, Jodi Picoult. Between the three of them all my reading requirements are fulfilled.

I do not want to read a book if:

It is over 400 pages long. I am currently only able to read in short bursts so by the time I reach page 350 I often don’t care about the story anymore and just want it to end.

There is bad grammar or punctuation in the blurb or the ‘look inside’ section. This shouldn’t even be a thing, but it happens more often than I can bear.

The subject matter contains horror/fantasy/pre-twentieth century/vampires/death. I know each of these subjects has a massive following, but they’re just not for me.

The main character has to endure heart-wrenching scenarios, even if they succeed in the end. A little confusion or jeopardy is acceptable, but I don’t want to suffer while I’m reading.

The blurb is littered with too much praise from other authors. I just want to read a concise description of the storyline – I’ll make up my own mind, thank you.

So, I can imagine some of you nodding to my suggestions and others are screaming at me with indignation. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, but I’m not saying everyone should feel this way; it’s purely personal. There are quite a few more things which stop me from picking up a book, but I’ve limited myself to five for now so I may come back to those in a later post.

If you agree / disagree with some of my points I’d be happy to hear about it and - who knows - if I visit this subject again in another year, maybe my list will be completely different by then anyway. This blog just marks a specific moment in time and my approach to reading right now so it really would be fun if I find a stunning book which breaks some of these rules…

Please don’t let my comments stop you from recommending books you feel I should be aware of; when I get your notifications I read each and every one in the hope of discovering something new and fascinating to add to my shelves.

With that in mind let me wish you, as always, happy reading xx
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Published on April 21, 2017 09:20
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