My review for Journey Across The Hidden Islands by Sarah Beth Durst.

Journey Across the Hidden Islands Journey Across the Hidden Islands by Sarah Beth Durst

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Thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This doesn't in any way influence my thoughts and opinion on it.


Journey Across the Hidden Lands is one of the most interesting Children's books I've read. The writing, style, characters, content is just simply amazing. The quality of this book is in the vein of other hits such as Rick Riordan's books, Neil Gaiman and Cassandra Clare.
It's about the life of two sisters (twins), Ji-Lin and Seika who go on an adventure with their majestic winged lion Alejan. Ji-Lin and Seika were separated at a young age so they can train for their various future roles. Seika is to be the emperor's heir while Li-Jin, her imperial guard. The two sisters are very unique.
I could tell their bond was going to be phenomenal right from the beginning. They had the feels of an epic sistership. Following customary tradition, Seika and Li-Jin embark on a journey across the lands so Seika can meet the great dragon, Master Shai and renew the Royal bargain that keeps the kingdom safe.
This book is so full of adventure and coupled with great writing, it is a very irresistible tale.
The year Seika and Ji-Lin spent away from each other changed them in different ways that had a unique effect on the both of them. The camaraderie between the main characters is great. There is a lot of monsters (Koji) in this book both good and bad. There's flying monkeys, winged lions, dragons etc. The imagination of the author makes the content rich and lush.
The vivid description and fresh narrative paints a clear visual picture. The characters are amazing, Seika and Ji-Lin stand out in their own ways even Alejan. The tale of the two sisters as they endure life changing events and finding out exactly what they are made of is one that is not to be missed. I eagerly recommend this book to lovers of great books that inspire.
Journey Across The Hidden Lands is filled with magic, sistership, adventure, love, great writing, and fabulous characters. Sarah Beth Durst is definitely an author whose books should be classified as a must get for everyone. I can't wait for more books from her.

P.S: That cover is so drool worthy. I need a winged lion!!!!!.

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