Swingin' on the Front Porch, Swingin' on the Lawn

This is my last week in Johnson, Vermont, where the kind folks at the Vermont Studio Center have given me space to write and to be among other artists for the month of February. There's been much furious scribbling, broadening of horizons, and exchanging of ideas. (Also, a wee bit of carousing, a lot of laughter, heaps of good food, and a mid-winter bonfire. This place is luscious.)

The residency has given me encouragement to be braver and less polished with my poems, including the Inauguries, which have definitely begun to absorb the influence of this place and the people I've met here. Being away from home has also offered some necessary distance from stories and poems that I should have abandoned long ago. Darlings have been murdered! Drafts have been trashed! Let the new language come flooding in!

While I've been here, Unsplendid put out a new double issue, which includes a villanelle and a sonnet I wrote. Editor Doug Basford's preface is worth checking out for its thoughtful articulation of some of the relationships between politics and poetry.

Also, speaking of politics and poetry, the new issue of Rattle is out, and it features poems by civil servants--folks who've worked for the CIA, FDA, EPA, the Census Bureau--which just goes to show we poets are everywhere. I've got a poem in there, too, in the poets-not-affiliated-with-the-government section. I'll have to wait until I'm home to read the rest of the issue, but I can tell you my poem was inspired by a dream in which Death tried to serve me a pie. No lie.
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Published on February 27, 2017 14:46 Tags: inauguries, rattle, unsplendid, vsc
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