Happy Romance Week!

For Romance Week, Goodreads is inviting people to write a love story…in 14 words. Here’s mine:

“Lost student meets the man she wasn’t looking for. The rest is history.”

As a graduate student in English literature, I decided to enroll in a history course on British Imperialism. When I got to the assigned classroom, it was empty. A note on the board read, “moved to history seminar room.” Where was that? I wandered around a bit until a kind (and cute) history grad student took pity on me.

Having not yet learned the dangers of tempting fate, I had sworn never to date a fellow grad student. Too many potential conflicts down the road. Nevertheless, I kept an eye on the cute guy who gave me directions.

Turns out he had his eye on me, too.

This spring, we’ll celebrate twenty years of marriage.
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Published on February 08, 2017 09:02 Tags: romance-week
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