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I'm getting ready for the paperback release of The Summer Before The War which happens on my mother's birthday, February 21. I'll be launching at Malaprop's Bookstore in Asheville and then touring six cities in all. My website has all the event details. I don't know about other writers but for me book tour means struggling with serious literary issues...will I look fat in that middle seat on a regional airline? Is it appropriate to charge that martini to my expense account? Should I hit the hotel gym or watch rubbish TV and raid the mini bar for Snickers? Actually, for a girl who grew up without the funds to travel, I absolutely love book tour and can't wait to head to the airport. It's also the dream of my life to be in book stores talking to readers and meeting booksellers. If you're in the neighborhood I hope you'll come and meet me. If not, I'm always happy to meet you and your book group via Skype or phone. Wish me luck, here I go...
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Published on January 15, 2017 13:04 Tags: book-tour, summer-before-the-war
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message 1: by Penny (new)

Penny Farley Wish you would come to E. Shaver bookstore in Savannah so I could meet you, Helen! I love your books!
Good luck....and enjoy your success!
Penny Farley

message 2: by Helen (new)

Helen Simonson Dear Penny,
Georgia is not on my tour and bookstores have to compete to get my publisher to send me. However, if you and your bookstore want to host a book club evening and can gather a few folks, I'd be thrilled to SKYPE in and visit over video. I have a great time meeting readers all over the country and internationally via the magic of free video calling! Just a thought. Thanks for commenting. Helen S.

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