1. Nikki was born at the Naval Medical Center, San Diego, California on July 10th.

2. She is biracial.

3. Nikki grew up as a military brat, making her home in such places as Camp Pendleton, California; Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan; and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Her father, Master Sergeant Thomas Sullivan Frank, served twenty-nine years in the Marine Corps before being killed in action during the invasion of Afghanistan (2001).

4. She attended high school in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

5. Nikki tutored elementary school students and played competitive soccer from her freshmen to senior years of high school.

6. She earned a partial athletic scholarship to the University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

7. Nikki played the position of midfielder throughout her collegiate athletic career.

8. She was selected for the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) Women’s First Team, with nine goals and seven assists her senior year. The Colonial Athletic Association is an institution comprised of ten colleges from DE, MA, MD, NC, NY, PA, SC and VA that unite to form an athletic conference to compete in various collegiate sports.

9. Her jersey number was 15.

10. Wrightsville Beach, just east of Wilmington, North Carolina, was Nikki’s favorite hangout during her undergraduate years. During her downtime, she spent numerous hours walking along the shore. The serene environment tended to ground her and bring peace. Nikki would often say, “While I can’t always go on vacation, I can go to the beach.”

11. She pledged Alpha Gamma Delta sorority her sophomore year.

12. Nikki earned a B.S. in finance from the Cameron School of Business at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

13. She graduated summa cum laude.

14. Nikki’s favorite Girl Scout cookies are Samoas.

15. Her favorite color is red.

16. Nikki earned her master’s degree in economics from North Carolina State.

17. She is an active CrossFit enthusiast, participating in the fitness regimen at her local gym.

18. To relax, Nikki enjoys a warm bath with Japanese Cherry Blossom bubble bath.

19. Her guilty food pleasure is smoked barbeque macaroni and cheese smothered in Dijon mustard.

20. Nikki is a classic workaholic. She is often stressed by being away from work (sick, suspension, vacation…) not knowing what’s going on in her absence. In addition, she involuntarily loses track of time. Often, Nikki will tell herself that she is just going to spend 30 minutes on a project only to witness those minutes morphing into hours.

21. Her favorite book is Kindred by Octavia E. Butler. The first person account of a young, California woman who shifts back and forth through time from her suburban residence to a pre-Civil War, Maryland plantation to meet her ancestors, resonates with Nikki because of the story’s degree of authenticity and seriousness of subject matter.

Personal and Family Photos:

Complicity in Heels (The Nikki Frank Collection #1) by Matt Leatherwood Jr.
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