A single man moving to Fool’s Gold sets local women’s hearts aflutter. A single doctor has caused a rift between two local women’s groups… and he hasn’t even arrived!

Dr. Simon Bradley is a world-renowned pediatric burn specialist who has accepted a temporary post at the Fool’s Gold Hospital. That word, “temporary,” is the reason the women’s groups are fighting. Both sides agree that they want to keep Dr. Bradley in town forever, but they disagree about how to convince the good doctor to stay... read more

Only Yours (Fool's Gold #5) by Susan Mallery
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Published on August 05, 2011 13:29 • 249 views • Tags: fool-s-gold, humor, romance-novels, romantic-comedy, series-romance, susan-mallery
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 Shellbelle That just makes me even more excited to for Only Yours (Fool's Gold #5) by Susan Mallery to come out!!!

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