Deathsworn Arc 5: The Temple of the Mad God & The Subscriber exclusive.

Quick update for you all, seeing as we're running up to Christmas.

First of all, my sincerest apologies, but you won't be able to put 'Deathsworn Arc: The Temple of the Mad God' on your Christmas list this year. It's now around 50,000 words into the first draft. It's proving a tricky book to write, because of the now various storylines, some splitting and other's converging.

I'm trying to keep each section or chapter if appropriate to one POV. This is hard because I have at various points, Kaya and Lindie off on one adventure, the companions minus Vexis and Elden off on another adventure, while Vexis and Elden are doing something else and Fox Fletcher having her own problems in Berman's Rock. Oh and I'm following Vashni on her way to Eldenizar and beyond.

While following all these different stories I'm trying to keep time reasonably in sync. This is presenting a massive challenge and I'm having to jump forwards and backwards quite a bit. I WILL re-read this one more times than the previous books to make sure the time and place all make sense. My favorite story is Fox's at the moment. She's developing into an interesting character and I'm really enjoying exploring her development. She does go through a very rough time in this book.

I am going to have to start using time jumps in this book, obviously this is trickier when I have up to five separate stories happening at the same time!

Lengthwise, I don't know where we'll end up. I know what happens at the end, I'm just filling in the gaps at the moment. I DO know, it will be longer than any of the previous books and I expect it will be 20,000 words longer at least. However, I think it'll still be digestable, it's still made up of my mixtures of short and long chapters, as it moves from story to story.

For the cover? I kind of want to put Maven Stonecutter on the cover, but she doesn't play a massive part in this book. I also want to put Fox on the cover, she DOES play a bigger part in this story, however the climatic scene which I intend to have in the background... Well, Fox isn't present for that. I sort of want to show Brael now that he's tidied up a bit. I feel like Saul is due another cover and I really want to show Korhan's new armour off....

Oh and then this book is ALL about Votrex's home Durgheim Holt so HE should sort of be on it. What do you think? I've made a poll for you to cast your vote here:-

Wish me luck with writing this book! I'm going to need it. However I'm sure if I can get it right, It'll be amazing!


PS: I'm still thinking about the subscriber exclusive short story, which will be a prequel to 'The Last Dragon Slayer' following Vashni's activities! It will happen, but I want to sort out Mad God first!
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