Somewhere in the middle of a mountain slope two villages are flourishing since time immemorial. The bigger village, one that is situated more to the top, has been known to produce the best iron ore people have seen while the other one, the smaller one, one that is situated more to the valley produces magnificent powder that could start fires. They have been living on their own thru the ages without barely acknowledging each other's presence. When people from the top want to go to the valley to appreciate running on the steppe, they have to pass thru the village on the bottom and pay for their passes. Of course they could go around the other side but that side of the mountain is very steep and rocky, hence dangerous and inefficient. Likewise when people from the bottom want to go to the summit to admire the view of faraway lands, they have to pass thru the other village and also pay their passes.

People of these two villages do not mingle but once in a while there are fringe villagers who would socialize and these weirdoes would bring home information about the other village's way into their own village. "They are doing everything collectively there: bathing, cooking and even having sex! Tsk…tsk…they are surely devils incarnated, but they do have this special powder that would initiate fire." One of the top villager would say. "They are so evil that they even neglected their olds, but they do have the best kind of iron ore. We could make things more durable by using those." One of the bottom villager would also say.

One day a brilliant idea struck both engineers from these two villages. "We could make gun from this combination!" So now once in a while not just the fringe people would mingle, the agents would mingle too in missions to spy on each other precious resources. Of course there are some from both sides who smuggles these precious resources from top to the bottom and vice versa. Soon both villages have their secret armies wielding respectable guns and of course, renegades. These renegades in their holy missions to awaken the others about their foul ways do them in a very flashy way: flashing guns and bombs.

The commoner from both villages in haste speak to their village leaders about this and demand a solution so they can continue their ways undisturbed. The top village being a much bigger one decides to wage war to regain their sovereignty, sort of "Leave us alone or you will get more of this!" while the bottom village being a smaller one decides to wage a silent war, a guerilla, to regain their own sovereignty, sort of to say "Leave us alone, we are smaller than you, but we will not stand idle!" Thence endless wars ensue for generations…and generations…and generations…until one day God has enough and smack heads of people from both villages. "You, from the top village, I want you to learn how to cooperate without losing your unique identities and how to be more attentive to your fellow humans. I want you to teach the other village how to build stronger tools not weapon to kill each other. And you, from the bottom village, I want you to learn how to be proud of yourself without losing your custom to work together and how to be more attentive about your own needs. I want you to share with the other village how to create fireworks not weapon to blast them on fires."

Thus new era begins, albeit a very long and difficult process ahead, they start to see each other for what they are.
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message 1: by Stuart (new)

Stuart Land Helmy, this is a very good story. Is this for your novel or only an idea? I like old school type parables, which this is. The thing about modern story telling is that the people have to figure out the solutions for themselves, not God. If God does it, then the people don't learn anything. Good luck with it.

message 2: by Helmy (new)

Helmy Kusuma Hello, Stuart!
Thank you for your comment!
Well, this is just gibberish :D It kinda popped up my mind after reading Watering The Tree Thought by Kender Macgowan.

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