Going public as Rachel Hoskins

My Ted Heath Exclusive in the Mail on Sunday generated some inevitable
twitter trolling. Disproving conspiracists is like arguing with JW’s. 

others wanted to know who was this world-renowned Dr Rachel Hoskins?

I began taking feminising hormones
two and a half years ago, before what Edina and Patsy call ‘the bandwagon.’
Through 2014 and 2015 I self-medicated, ordering drugs from abroad. I nearly
killed myself in the process but I was too fearful to declare my hand. I was
worried about reaction to my public and police profile.

I needn’t have been. Most of my
friends and family have been fantastically supportive and it helped that other
public figures have acted as pioneers. When I eventually dragged myself to my GP she was brilliant and the NHS took me through counselling and then onto properly prescribed treatment.

My earliest memory, aged 4, is
reaching on tiptoes into the airing cupboard and pulling down my sister’s
undies. When I stepped into them I felt a visceral surge of ‘rightness.’  When I was 15 I took the then-unusual step of
ordering female hormone treatment from Amsterdam. My father intercepted the package
and went ballistic. And so I bottled what I knew deep inside. That’s not to belittle what followed - my wonderful children from my two marriages and an exhilarating life in Africa. But I lived with a deep-seated knowledge that I wasn’t being true to myself.

Later this week I’m going under the knife for
the second time. The first was ‘down below,’ this second on my face. 

like to think we’re reaching a point in society when gender transition or gender-flex no longer matter. We certainly fixate too much on isolated body parts as human
identifiers. And despite wishing to have some beautification, society is too obsessed with it, to the serious damage of our children. I’ve worked alongside women pumped with testosterone and men with
many so-called feminine traits. It really doesn’t matter. 

What’s important is
to be true to yourself and value yourself. And for others to accept you for you who you are. Be happy. That’s all that counts.


(Dr Rachel Hoskins)

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Published on November 29, 2016 17:39
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