Pleasure's Powerhouse is the story of three childhood friends who grow to become phenomenal successes as adults. They also become lovers. Malawi Croyden, Hamri Shaw and Teague Specter had always shared everything. Now, they'd share each other. At Mali's request, her male friends come to her rescue in every way and in the process discover how intense their emotions are for the woman they wanted in every way possible...

Story overview...

Malawi Croyden, Hamri Shaw and Teague Specter have been
friends since the days of their rough childhoods. As adults they
travel in the world of the elite. Teague and Hamri are billionaire
corporate giants and Malawi runs one of the most exclusive
hedonistic resorts in the world. Black Paradise caters to the
fantasies of the obscenely wealthy. No request is taboo and the
resort is known in only the most lavish circles. Revered for her
discretion and grace under fire persona, Malawi’s fortitude is
tested when the ghosts she’s kept silent for years demand to be
heard. She’ll need the combined strength of her considerably
powerful male friends to get her through it. Having lusted after
her all their lives, Hamri and Teague are prepared to give Mali
all that she needs…and more.
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Published on July 28, 2011 13:53 • 303 views • Tags: altonya, erotica, t-onyx

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