Author Thursday: Interview with Casey Wyatt

Interview1. What inspired this book?

Cherry Cordial, the heroine. From the moment she appeared in my mind during a car drive, I had to write her story. She arrived, personality large as life, which rarely happens until I’m about 30,000 words into a story. She was a like a gift. And her story, a vampire stripper who is forced to join a colony of undead on Mars – how often does one get to write something that fun?

2. What was the most difficult part about working on this book?

Getting the order of events straight. Even though this book was mostly written in a linear fashion, there were parts that I spliced in. That is always tricky and hard to do when you’re in the thick of writing. The other challenge was trying not to get bogged down in scientific jargon or details. The book is, what I would class as, urban fantasy even though it’s in a sci-fi setting. We learn more and more about Mars every day thanks to those plucky rovers. I didn’t want to be so specific that I dated the book or bored my readers. I do have to say I had a lot of fun playing with Google Mars (do check it out!)
3. Who is your favorite character in this book?

I love Cherry. She’s my girl. I love her sass and her spirit in the face of crazy circumstances. She does things that I wouldn’t be brave enough to do like taking her clothes off on stage and not batting an eyelash.

4. What are you reading now or what books do you have in your TBR pile?

I read several books at a time. For non-fiction: Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, M.D. and for fiction I just finished Dr. DOA by Simon R. Green and, manga, The Heroic Legend of Arslan #1 – 4 by Yoshiki Tanaka and Hiromu Arakawa.

5. What are you working on now?

Dead Girls Don’t Sing, book 2 of the series. I’m also preparing to work on another paranormal romance in the fall once I complete the first draft of Dead Girls Don’t Sing.

Think Fast Questions
Sweet or spicy? Spicy

Hot or cold? Hot

Wine or beer? Neither

Series or standalone? Series

Print or e-book? E-book

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Book Info Cherry Cordial, vampire stripper extraordinaire, spectacularly messes up her life with a single act of kindness. How could she have known when she rescued gorgeous rogue Ian McDevitt that she would be implicated in the vampire queen’s murder?

Soon, she faces the wrath of the entire vampire community. To escape retribution, she joins a settlement program to colonize Mars. Her choices are grim: hurtle through space to the red planet to face the unknown and possible death, or stay on Earth and face certain annihilation.

To make things even more complicated, a certain gorgeous rogue seems to be shadowing her every move...

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Suddenly, I wasn’t the biggest, baddest thing on the block.


They always traveled in packs. Enough of them could take me down. Revenants were cousins to vampires, undead beings with too much spirit. Essentially ghosts with physical reality.

I picked up the pace, steering toward the middle of the street and well away from dark corners. If I had a heart rate, it would have been pounding. My blood was rare and prized. One sip and the revenants would keep me alive to serve as a drink dispenser.

I fished through my bag. Where was my cell? Jonathan would come. Provided I could find the damn phone.

Meaty thwacks rang out in the alley as I passed by.

Do not look.

A soft oomph, followed by a clipped English accent, “Try that again, bastards.”

I looked.


A lone and gorgeous male vampire had been captured. Three revenants had him pinned against the wall. Two held his arms and one pinned his legs. Three more surrounded him like a pack of knife-wielding hyenas.

The vampire snarled. Long fangs bared, presumably pissed off at his capture. With his sculptured physique, he could handle the situation. Right?

None of the baddies had noticed me yet. I could leave.

Another punch landed, connecting with the vamp’s mouth. The crack echoed in the alley. Liquid splattered, followed by cruel laughter. The vampire hottie spat, his lip broken. Blood trickled down his jaw, seeping into the stark white collar of his button down shirt. “Think twice before you cut me, mate. I’ll smash all of your fucking heads in.”

“Shut up, meat.”

One added, “I’m so scared,” before swinging his knife and tearing a gash in the vampire’s chest. The pack laughed. A revenant approached the vampire with IV bags.

Crap-a-roni, now I had to get involved. They planned to bleed him out. That’s what revenants did. They took a vampire’s blood and drained him or her dry. The blood was then sold to the highest revenant bidder. They believed our blood could remove the excess spirit from their bodies, returning them to their true vampire form.

Problem is—it’s a myth. There’s no way for a revenant to become a vampire, any more than I could become a zebra if I wanted to. These guys were zealots. Deranged lunatics.

“This is your last warning, blokes,” Mr. Sexy English accent said. I tried not to shiver at the sound of his rich voice. Heady whiffs of his sweet scented blood drifted my way. Like a fine wine, the smell promised a delicious and satisfying taste. Saliva pooled in my mouth. My fangs dug into my bottom lip.

“Well lookee here!”

Damn. I should have run when I had the chance. The pack turned in my direction, their faces eager for more blood. I cringed under the gaze of the hollow-eyed, pale-skinned nightmares who all wanted a piece of me.

The nearest one licked his gray, rubbery lips. “Yum. Dessert.”

About the Author
Casey Wyatt grew up in a mid-size Connecticut town where nothing exciting ever happened. To stem the boredom, she spent plenty of time reading fantasy and sci-fi novels and imagining her own adventures in her head. Not much has changed since she’s grown up, only now she shares those made up stories with her readers and earns a coin or two.
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Published on September 07, 2016 22:30
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