Ordinary Martha in her Extraordinary Situation

Six books in a year. Six titles on the spotlight. All written by yours truly!


And an author blog?

You’re gonna want to kill me—I’m almost tempted to ask, “What’s that?” Yes, it’s that bad.

I’ve been away from the fiction world for a long time. It started as a needed break, after the death of several loved ones in rapid succession. And then I got sidetracked with historical sleuthing. Then it was genetic low vision not improved by age—for several years I could barely read, much less write. Eye surgery improved the situation, eventually. When I hankered to get back in as a writer, and my foot was in the door, I had to deal with some nasty health issues.

But all of that is behind me, and I’m ready to roll. Kensington and their Lyrical Press line has put their faith in me again, with three previous titles—the McLoughlin trilogy—and three new ones—the #TexanBrides series—scheduled between now and August 2017.

That’s six books. Three full-length, three long novellas. But I’m the new kid on the block!

What do I do now?

I can’t tell you about going out on book tours or meeting folks, or any of that sort of thing, so I just have to talk about Ordinary Martha in her Extraordinary Situation.

The McLoughlin trilogy—THE CATTLEMAN TAKES A WIFE (formerly Caress of Fire), LONE STAR LOVING, WILD SIERRA ROGUE—was first released in the heyday of paperback romances—the ‘80s and the 90s—when there weren’t many published writers, so folks thought it was a big deal. And the fictional heroes? In those days, as they had for 10,000 years, the heroes had chest hair, and that was considered sexy. Can you imagine!

Moreover, the categories were VERY narrow, and where was the humor? I was also writing category romances for Silhouette Books. I’ll never forget the reaction, the first time I submitted a manuscript that contained a smidgen of humor. The editor quickly replied, “Oh, no. No way. This will not work. Your readers will not go for this. They will be expecting the same as before.”

That was the worst piece of advice I ever got from an editor.

Because I followed her advice.

Years went by. I wrote a bunch of books. Then I didn’t. I did other things. I tell about that stuff at my website, www.marthahix.com, et cetra.

Okay, so it got to be 2015. I’m writing a long novella. Do I do it the old way? The writing, that is. The conflict, all that serious business. No funny business, mind you. Hmm. Nope, I decided. “I’m doing it my way,” I said to my single-eyed baby doll, my little Boston terrier girl. “I’ve lived many years longer than my parents, my siblings, and I’m not dying of a hideous disease. I’m going to write as I wish, and if editors don’t like it, they don’t have to buy it. I’m not writing slapstick comedy. I’m writing characters the way I want them to act and react. You want a cookie, Fanny girl?” Of course, she did. And my mind was made.

This came through in HIS MAKE-BELIEVE BRIDE (Oct 2016, Lyrical Press) and especially so in the March 2017 release, HIS RIP-ROARIN-BRIDE. I'm still working on HIS HIGH-STAKES BRIDE. This one is hotter than a raw jalapeno! I hope you enjoy the results.

What I’m extremely excited about is Goodreads and other communities where readers, writers, and industry professionals can connect and interact. To my delight and surprise, I got a taste of this at the RT Booklovers Convention this past April in Las Vegas. We are living in a very exciting time! It seems to me that right here at Goodreads is the absolute BEST PLACE TO GET ACQUAINTED, so let’s be friends.

How ‘bout it?

Yours, Martha Hix
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