Celebrating Christmas in the summertime!

As August draws to a close I frequently hear people telling their friends not to mention the ‘C’ word. They refuse to accept that the festive season is only four months away because it’s still warm and sunny and any thoughts of dark winter mornings need to be pushed back until at least Halloween.

As a fan of balmy beach days in the sun I can see their point but, for some of us, it isn’t that simple.

As an author of books which comprise a summer series and a Christmas series, I usually find I am writing about one whilst appreciating the reality of the other. It is no longer unusual for me to be planning Christmas activities in the midst of a heat wave, even if it is only on behalf of my characters! Conversely, I am just as likely to be researching water sports and boat trips in Greece while sipping egg nog and wrapping presents!

Far from being annoying and materialistic, it is quite liberating to get two bites of the cherry, so to speak. Of course, I can enjoy all the calmness of a day at the beach in summer and the excitement of an afternoon doing Christmas shopping when the season allows, but I can actually experience these things at any other time of the year, just by putting pen to paper. Sometimes the season itself passes by so quickly that it’s nice to have another chance to relive the traditional activities of that moment at my own pace.

In actual fact, I have a twitter account to promote the Christmas series where I only tweet and retweet posts about the festive season, so it’s Christmas every day there!

So now I find myself with a small window of time where I am saying goodbye to the Christmas writing as the books become available for pre-order on Amazon. In around a month’s time I will be starting book ten in the Aegean Sun series which is scheduled for release next summer and I will be using all my senses to create a hot and summery beach read, just as the season is coming to an end.

It sounds as though it should be confusing to write about one season whilst experiencing another, but as I stroll through the scenes with my characters I’m totally focused on their reality until that part of the story is done. Then I look around my own surroundings and come back to my reality, to enjoy whatever joys of the season that may bring.

I expect this will continue for a few years as I develop both series, but it really would throw a spanner in the works if I found myself celebrating Christmas in Australia through their summer!

For now, whether your books are summer or winter based…

Happy reading x
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Published on August 27, 2016 12:39
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