Leaving Triscuit by Will Pollock Book Review

It’s not usual for me to read “dog books,” but the cover of Will Pollock’s book alone was hard to resist.
On the cover is an old, sweet girl; A full-breed terrier that had a hard beginning.
It was hard to ignore her story.
Passed by a few families and heading towards euthanization, Will took Triscuit home and they formed an unbreakable bond.
This isn’t just a “dog book.”
Dog experts and dog psychologist glean their expertise throughout the book, accompanied by entertaining and humorous YouTube videos of Triscuit.
The book delves into the psychological trauma a pet can experience when their owners leave home on trips.
Leaving Triscuit is a comprehensive resource which gives pet owners a psychological roadmap of what to do to make being a part from each other as easy as possible.
The book dives into a “metaphysical” realm and explores how we can communicate with our pets by using mental pictures.
Using mental pictures effectively by instilling the most positive outcome in all situations upon departing or arriving with our pets, makes for a less traumatic, almost enjoyable experience for our pets.
Leaving Triscuit is a different kind of book.
The author has done his research and his words are brilliant.
Will Pollock has a natural, yet authoritative style of writing that makes you want to read anything he writes.
Bravo. Excellent read!

To get the book, visit: http://buff.ly/2aFpnBO
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Will Pollock happy to answer any questions and thank you Erik for these kind words! ;)

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