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In honor of my new website (a big shout-out to Adam Francese, of RI Digital Media, for doing such a killer job on it!), this blog post is dedicated to news and upcoming events!

First up, I submitted a 1000-word short story, entitled 'Take Me to Your Horror,' to the Wordhaus Spring Writing Contest. Partnering with 'The Write Practice' and its 'Becoming Writer' community, the Wordhaus contest allowed for six weeks of story workshopping before the final submission. After writing two different stories for the contest's 'Rock Bottom' theme, I selected the more unique (and way more sci-fi-ey of the two), received a substantial amount of feedback from my fellow writers in the 'Becoming Writer' community, and critiqued many amazing stories myself. While 'Take Me to Your Horror' did not place, I have been invited to judge The Write Practice's 5th Anniversary Writing Contest, an invitation I have graciously accepted!

On Thursday, June 2nd, Savoy Bookshop and Cafe hosted science fiction and fantasy authors, C.S.E. Cooney, Carlos Hernandez, and Kenneth Schneyer. When Savoy first opened its doors, Event Coordinator Elissa Englund and I discussed the possibility of starting an 'Open Mic Night' for prose, however C.S.E. Cooney has done Westerly proud, having already implemented a free, spoken-word open mic for all ages from 6-8 pm, 18+ from 7-8 pm, on the first Friday of each month at Maize 'n' Manna (40 High St. Westerly, RI). All forms of poetry, prose, essay, or stories are welcome, and original work is encouraged! (Youth will have priority from 6-7 pm, seven minute hard maximum for all. Beverages and snacks will be available for purchase). Join me on Friday, August 5th when, time permitting, I will be reading my short story, 'No Trespassing,' originally published in Jitter Issue#4!

Despite an 'overwhelming amount of applications,' due to the 'strength of [my] writing sample' (the first chapter of my novel, 'Sequela Manor'), I have been placed on a short wait list for admission to the 2016 One Story Summer Writers Conference (Sunday, July 24th-Friday, July 29th). In the event that a spot opens up, I would be thrilled to attend this event under the tutelage of 'One Story' authors/editors Will Allison and Patrick Ryan.

From Friday, August 12th to Sunday, August 14th, I will be attending the 2016 Writers Digest Annual Conference, with keynote speakers Kwame Alexander, David Baldacci, and Emily St. John Mandel. I am signed up for a 1:15 pm pitch slam session on Saturday, August 13th, and couldn't be more excited (and nervous!) to pitch directly to agents and editors looking for new clients to represent!

Several months ago, I was perusing Issue #11 of Fantasy Scroll Magazine when I came across a story entitled 'Red Cup,' by Paul Magnan. The story was well-crafted, the character of Red Cup delightful, and imagine my surprise when I read the author bio and discovered that Mr. Magnan lived in the same biggest-little-state-in-the-union as yours truly! I started following Paul on Twitter, he started following me, and long story short, ended up inviting me to be part of his once-monthly Writers Group. After two sessions, it was clear that the group's members possessed a wealth of knowledge. I'm eternally grateful for the critiques of my Gothic horror novel they've provided thus far, and while the group has decided to take a hiatus due to decreased attendance, I am looking forward to future online interactions with these wonderfully talented writers!

While I was disappointed to have to miss out on the first annual Stokercon, and even more disappointed with the dissolution of the 2016 Stanley Hotel Writers Retreat (for a detailed account of the goings-on surrounding the Stanley retreat, check out Simon Dewar's commentary here), the 2016 Quattromani-Beauchamp Wedding at the historic Stanley Hotel is a GO! The contract has been signed, rooms and flights booked, and daily website checks for the Murder Mystery Dinner, Shining Ball, and Halloween Masquerade Party ticket sales are in effect! I will wrap this up by saying that even with an interminably busy schedule, don't think for a second that I haven't already ordered my costume for the Masquerade! Let's just say that I'm not sure which dress is more glamorous, my wedding dress, or the Crimson Peak-inspired, Gothic Victorian jacket-and-skirts ensemble DressArtMystery custom-made for me!

Happy horror writing!

-Christa Carmen
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Published on July 11, 2016 09:10
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