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Published on June 06, 2011 02:00 • 389 views
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message 1: by Sol (new)

Sol Santamarina Amé la reseña. Me encanta esa frescura tan desenfadada e inteligente que es siempre el estilo de Le Guin. La mujer juega con las palabras y las hace fluir hermosas aún diciendo lo más simple. Leerla, es sentirme a gusto.

message 2: by Chie (new)

Chie Mrs Le Guin makes some excellent points here. I completely agree with this as a Young Adult.
At first I watched the Harry Potter movies and found them entertaining and then i read Earthsea, and I said "Harry Who?" this is a true wizard. Then I read The Order of Phoenix because I was wondering whether I was missing something. I thought it was well-written, with a very good pace, but you know what? I dont remember it. There was no magic in Harry Potter!Which is just ironic. No magic in a fantasy book?

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