My latest fascination is with this seldom read (by me) genre of horror. With Dracula included I’ve only read three ‘Horror’ novels. The before mentioned Dracula, Let Me In and I Am Legend. Dracula did not start me on this horror quest. No, I read it a while ago just because it was free with an app on my iPod. But then I saw the movie Let Me In and really enjoyed it so I went to my local library and found the book. Creepy, superb, gut-wrenching, true burn in the sun vampires novel with a twist, well several but needless to say I loved it and want a sequel. For more of how I felt on this novel find the review I wrote. I don’t often write reviews unless I really like it or can’t understand why other people do. (I Am Number Four for instance or The Host though I couldn’t even stomach a review of the last so I just ‘liked’ someone else review that felt the same way. I mean I wasted enough time on the terrible excuse for a novel why waste more and write a review).

Anyway since now I was into horror I read one of the classic vampire books from the fifties in I Am Legend. It did not read like an older book. Surprisingly modern and though it was much shorter than Let Me In it took me longer to read. Not because I wasn’t in to it, I just didn’t have time to read. I was going to give it a 3 or 4 star rating until the last three words written therein. Just those three words and the impact in which they hit me and my understanding of them catapulted the small novel to five stars.

So now what? Steven King? Can you believe I’ve never read a novel from him? It’s true I haven’t. Or, what? I don’t even know any good horror novelists since it has never interested me. So if you read this and have one you just loved let me know, because I’m so digging creepy horror right now.

Switching gears now to TV I much enjoyed the first season of Being Human on Syfy. Great stories, acting and can’t wait till season two. Speaking of a second season… is it October yet??? Nope, not even summer and I’m already craving the next episode of The Walking Dead on AMC. Long time to wait but I have a feeling it’s going to be awesome.

Smallville is wrapping up. I have the last five episodes on my DVR and can’t find time to watch them. In between the sappy lame episodes there are always a few good ones. Let’s hope it wraps up in a good way.

I’m almost ashamed to say this but my guilty pleasure is The Vampire Diaries on the CW. That show never fails to shock me by killing off main characters and having twists I never saw coming. I know it’s a show for teenaged girls, and maybe I’m one in heart (my Amber Series books show that since I write in the first person tense of Amber an 18 year-old woman) but I don’t care. I love that show and I’m not ashamed anymore!

A guy at work hooked me on the small internet show Film Riot. It’s a group of people, family members and friends that teach budding film makers how to do special effects cheaply. The episodes are hilarious and very well done for such a small group. Check it out, just Google Film Riot or watch them on youtube.

'Till next time, I keep writing because I like to, not because anyone cares. Later.
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