So, this might not be a teaser for QUEEN OF GLASS in the traditional sense (sorry!!!), BUT remember my amazing friend/CP/rock star, Kat Zhang? Well, in between getting her book deal and juggling all of her crazy pre-med classes, she somehow managed to read QUEEN OF GLASS for me...AND surprised me a few days later with an awesome gift: a QOG teaser trailer!!!

Seriously, I've been drooling over it nonstop. The pictures, the music, the curly-swirly things...Basically, I couldn't keep it to myself, and HAD to share it with you guys. (Quick note: because of my blog's layout, the video gets sliced off a bit on either side...You might be better off watching it on YouTube!)

So, without further ado...Here it is:

THANK YOU, KAT!!!!!!! You are the BEST. 

And, to be completely random...This video of a little girl accepting Darth Vader's offer to join the Dark Side is the greatest thing I've ever seen. Major thanks to  [info] raecarson  for linking to it!!!
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Published on April 12, 2011 17:42 • 184 views

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