Will the forthcoming bad weather change my protagonist’s mood?

Today the sun is shining and I’m happily writing a lovely romantic scene between two people who have grown to love each other very deeply. They are gazing into each other’s eyes and promising that their love will last forever, whatever life may throw their way.

I am happy for them and hope they mean what they say because tomorrow the weather is likely to change to a cooler, cloudier day with the risk of some drizzle and I’m not sure my mood will allow the happy couple to continue with their carefree declarations.
I will probably feel a little more sluggish and less enthusiastic than I currently do and I could be tempted to take out my frustration through an unexpected argument I would create for the pair. Naturally, they are made for each other and no doubt, by the end of the book, they will be once again swearing undying love to each other under the warming glow of a summer sun, but the sudden change in my weather forecast will mean that the characters are also likely to suffer from a stormy interlude.

Of course, the British weather does not guide my whole writing process, or there would be lots of arguments and difficulties - possibly even murders - resulting from our damp climate. I always have a beginning, middle and end plotted out, but sometimes the characters surprise me through their actions and conversations and don’t always take the most obvious route to the finish line. I can only presume that these deviations occur according to my changing mood, which is heavily influenced by the weather. It can be a little unsettling, but it strengthens the excitement of writing when I’m never really certain what my characters will get up to that day.
Luckily, I have many photographs of beautiful, sunny locations which I have collected over several years of travelling, so I never struggle to brighten up with a stunning view when a particularly joyful scene is required in the middle of a dark and dreary December day.

Hopefully, the part of my personality which responds to our ever-changing weather is being used productively to reflect the diverse scenarios my characters experience, livening up the story and creating some mystery as to how things will develop.
If that is the case, I will be happy to delay my long-awaited dream of living in a tropical location and continue to use these weather-based mood-swings as a source of inspiration!

So, whether the weather is fair or foul, I will wish myself some happy writing, just as I wish you some happy reading x
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Published on March 17, 2016 11:02
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