When George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney it was because he didn't have the time to carry on the franchise himself, so he figured it was better to have someone else do it rather than just stop it. He knew giving it to corporate 'white slavers,' as he put it, was a bad idea, but he was ready to move on and pursue other things...and he's totally earned that. People want more Star Wars, so I don't blame him for passing the torch.

I blame Disney, because it was said they would take 'good care' of the franchise and, after all, all the people at Lucasfilm would still be doing the work, so it would be his team and Disney would just be racking in the profits. Good deal, right?

It was said, time and again, that Disney would take care of the franchise because it was a cash cow. That they would maintain its integrity in order to make money...but episode 7 was a fan service disaster that made 2 billion off of nostalgia. Episode 8 won't come even close to those numbers now that people have had a taste of Disney Star Wars. It was a very dumb move, hurting the franchise like that, but Mark Hamill's most recent comment that Luke could be gay makes it clear that Disney has no interest in preserving Star Wars.

They are taking their PROPERTY and, rather than building it up into something even greater, are treating it like a big fat sponge and squeezing all the money and influence out of it that they can. By the time they get through destroying the franchise they will have made their money back and then some...but they don't really care about Star Wars. To them it's an expendable product, not a cultural icon that should be respected and protected.

And it's not just about money, but using the cultural behemoth that Star Wars is to push Disney's social agendas, one of which is the promotion of the LGBT community. It's not about inclusion or tolerance or compassion...it's about forcing people to believe one thing and crushing all those who do not.

If Disney had created a new character that was gay, that would still be forcing politics into Star Wars, but by trying to retcon an established character...arguably THE CHARACTER from Star Wars into a gay is crossing a huge line.

Disney is not a Star Wars fan. They are a corporate entity who bought Star Wars to use for whatever purpose they wish. They own the character of Luke Skywalker, legally, and they will do with him whatever they want. It'll kill the franchise, but they don't care. They're still going to make their investment back and then some, so from their perverted point of view they're a success...all the while destroying the biggest cash cow in existence.

From a business perspective that is essentially treason. If you have something that is popular, you keep it popular and keep making money off it for all eternity. You don't kill it to try and push an agenda. That's BAD BUSINESS on top of being a betrayal of the all the fans who actually believed them when they said they would take GOOD CARE of the Star Wars franchise.

But what they don't understand is that Star Wars is bigger than corporations. They don't 'own' Luke Skywalker. His character is set, and whatever they make of him going forward doesn't count. Doesn't matter if they legally own the character or not, they can't touch the real Luke. And the Clone Luke they're propping up now...well, Luke's WIFE will take care of him like before.

For all the Star Wars fans out there, myself included, this is crossing a line. Disney is now the enemy of Star Wars, the real Star Wars, and their fake continuation isn't going to stand. Mark my words, it's going to burn. Disney may not care as long as they make their money back and gain some traction in their social agenda war, but they're picking a fight here they won't win.

Disney just became the Empire that overthrew the Old Republic (Lucas franchise) and the loyal fans just became the Rebellion.
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Published on March 05, 2016 12:52 • 972 views • Tags: disney, skywalker-gay, star-wars
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message 1: by Christopher (new)

Christopher I totally agree! I know you are a very busy man, but I think this is all the more reason to continue your Star Wars series. You left us hanging so bad and we are eagerly wanting to know more about the real 700 year old Luke you created.

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