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Brenda Cooper
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Brenda Cooper writes science fiction,fantasy, and poetry.

Brenda's most recent novels are EDGE of DARK and SPEAR OF LIGHT from Pyr and POST from ESpec Books. Edge of Dark won the 2016 Ende…
David Boyle
David Boyle is the author of Blondel’s Song: The Capture, Imprisonment and Ransom of Richard the Lionheart, and a series of books about history, social change and the future. His book Authenticity: Brands, Fak…
Michelle E.  Lowe
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A Georgia born native, I've spent most my life near Atlanta before pulling up stakes and moving clear across country with husband, Ben. History piques my interests, especially European. Other interes…
Zoe Harris
Zoë Harris is a copywriter and author based near Oslo, Norway. She studied professional writing and editing in Adelaide, South Australia, before moving to Norway where she is Chairperson of the Oslo…
Vincent Lowry
Vincent Lowry is an author, photographer, painter, accountant, financial manager, moderator, and environmentalist. His newest book, American Vineyard, a finalist in the 2017 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards, is…
Sean Munger
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Sean Munger is the author of several novels in various genres, including the horror novels Zombies of Byzantium, Doppelgänger, The Rats of Midnight and Zombie Rebellion, the science fiction novels The Valley of Forever, Life Without Giamotti and its sequel…
Mona Hanna
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Mona Hanna is an author of fantasy/romance books and Christian non-fiction. She is the author of the Prentor and High Witch fantasy series. Her fantasy books do not contain Christian themes—she leave…
James Morcan
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New Zealand-born actor/writer/producer James Morcan resides in Sydney, Australia. He has written two bestselling novels, performed in various international film productions and is a podcast host. His…
Sarah Isaias
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SARAH ISAIAS is a family physician who, for the past 23 years, has worked in an inner-city clinic caring for the medically-uninsured. More recently, she has been drawn to the intensive study of relig…
Shane Arbuthnott
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Shane grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and now lives in Ontario with his family. Dominion, his first novel, was published in 2017 by Orca. His short fiction has previously appeared in On Spec and…
Joel Bain
Joel Bain makes his home in Vancouver, Canada. His first novel, A BULLET FOR THE BRIDE, debuted in 2009, while his latest novel, EACH OUR OWN DEVIL, hit bookshelves in 2017.

He started Dum…
J.K. Battaglia
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JK Battaglia grew up playing outdoors from sun up to sun down. But he was introduced to Bilbo and Frodo Baggins at the age of 12 by a cousin during one summer. And life hasn't been the same since as…
Claudette Melanson
Claudette Melanson writes dark fantasy in Kitchener, Ontario with seven bun babies: Tegan, Pepper, Butters, Beckett, Sansa, Daenerys, & Caramel. She graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylva…
Graham   Wilson
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Graham Wilson lives in Sydney Australia.
He has completed and published twelve separate books, and several combined novel box sets. They comprise two series,
1. The Old Balmain House Series
2. The Cr…
M. Duda
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Michael is the author of several collections of short stories. Under pen name M. Duda, his titles include We Dream at Twilight and Whispers from the Grave.

His most recent story, "The Sound of Blue," was a…
Stefan M. Nardi
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Stefan M. Nardi grew up on a healthy diet of books, books and more books (pretty sure there was some lollies and other junk in there too). He read his first fantasy novel, Deltora Quest when he was 6…
P.G. Kassel
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P.G. Kassel is a former film and television writer-director turned novelist. He has always loved good stories and story telling. Suspense-thrillers, the supernatural and horror, romantic comedy, scie…
Saranya Umakanthan
Saranya Umakanthan, a Software Engineer by profession, she exhibits her creativity in coding as well as writing. An avid reader all her life, she has a way with her words. She has taken up Indian fan…
M. Van
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Realist living in a dreamworld while driving the neighbors insane with the stereo on max!

M. Van is the author of the Wheels and Zombies series. Amazon Author page

The Wheels and Zombi…
Craig Martelle
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Visit Craig's web page, craigmartelle.com for the latest posts and updates or find him on Facebook, Author Craig Martelle. Send an email to craig@craigmartelle.com to join his mailing list for the la…
Beverley Lee
Beverley Lee is a freelance writer currently residing in the south east of England. In thrall to the written word from an early age, especially the darker side of fiction, she believes that the very…
Joynell Schultz
Joynell Schultz spends her days working in a “reliable profession” as a veterinary pharmacist, which pays the bills, but isn’t nearly as exciting as creating alternative worlds writing speculative fi…
Morgan Quaid
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Morgan Quaid is a writer of speculative fiction, specializing in short stories and fast-paced, first person novels set in epic/fantasy settings. Quaid’s writing tends to blend concision and fast-movi…
Vic Cavalli
Vic Cavalli studied the visual arts and photography as a young man, and later in life discovered the potential depth and force of literature. In graduate school, he concentrated on the complex interp…
Arthur Mongelli
Arthur Mongelli is the author of Harvest of Ruin (Severed Press, 2017) and Harvest of Ruin: The Dead of Winter (Severed Press, 2017) Harvest of Ruin is an adult zombie/horror story in three parts. Ar…