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Charles C.  Martin
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I'm from South Louisiana. I love the ocean, outdoors, playing with my kids, and good stories.
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Also writes as Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen.

Stephanie is the award-winning author of the Elizabeti's Doll series of picture books, as well as several others. Her young adult novels include the award-winnin…
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Raquel Valldeperas is a mother and a wife, which consequently means she is a chef, a chauffeur, a teacher, a lifeguard, a maid, a coach, and sometimes a tyrant, among many other things. In the dark…
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Matilda Loveshack recently graduated with a B.S. in language arts with a psychology minor. She is an author of horror, supernatural, and spiritual fiction. A Velociraptor guards her bookshelf.
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The Muskokans is my first novel. I've drawn upon half a lifetime of inspiration growing up in the Ontario wilderness to sculpt the imaginary world found within. During the summers of my childhood, th…
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Born in England a very long time ago, I now call South Carolina home where I live with my wonderfully supportive family, who have come to learn that meeting deadlines translates to pizza for dinner!…
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Melanie Ansley is the author of the animal fantasy "Book of Theo" series. She was born in Windsor, Ontario, then bundled off to China at the age of five. Her fascination with mythical talking animals…
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