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Michael  Grothaus
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Michael Grothaus is a novelist and journalist. His writing has appeared in Fast Company, VICE, The Guardian, Litro Magazine, The Irish Times, Screen, Quartz, and others. His debut novel is EPIPHANY JO…
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Joyce Carol Oates
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Joyce Carol Oates is a recipient of the National Book Award and the PEN/Malamud Award for Excellence in Short Fiction. She is also the recipient of the 2005 Prix Femina for The Falls. She is the Roger…
Jun'ichirō Tanizaki
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Jun'ichirō Tanizaki (谷崎 潤一郎) was a Japanese author, and one of the major writers of modern Japanese literature, perhaps the most popular Japanese novelist after Natsume Sōseki.

Some of his works prese…
Kōbō Abe
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Kōbō Abe (安部 公房 Abe Kōbō), pseudonym of Kimifusa Abe, was a Japanese writer, playwright, photographer, and inventor.

He was the son of a doctor and studied medicine at Tokyo University. He never pract…
Yusuf Toropov
American novelist, nonfiction writer, and playwright. Author of JIHADI: A LOVE STORY, a literary thriller available from Orenda Books.

I was born a Muslim, but only realized that in 2003.

An aim of mi…
Yasunari Kawabata
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Yasunari Kawabata (川端 康成) was a Japanese short story writer and novelist whose spare, lyrical, subtly-shaded prose works won him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968, the first Japanese author to re…
Sei Shōnagon
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清少納言 in Japanese
Sei Shonagon (c. 966 -1017) was a Japanese author and a court lady who served the Empress Teishi (Sadako) around the year 1000 during the middle Heian period. She is best known as the…
Kamo no Chōmei
Kamo no Chōmei (鴨 長明?, 1153 or 1155–1216) was a Japanese author, poet (in the waka form), and essayist. He witnessed a series of natural and social disasters, and, having lost his political backing, w…
Kerry Juby
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Matsuo Bashō
MATSUO Bashō (松尾 芭蕉) was the most famous poet of the Edo period in Japan. During his lifetime, Bashō was renowned for his works in the collaborative haikai no renga form; today, he is recognized as a …
Sean Adams
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Samanta Schweblin
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Samanta Schweblin was chosen as one of the 22 best writers in Spanish under the age of 35 by Granta. She is the author of three story collections that have won numerous awards, including the prestigio…
Roxanne Bouchard
Roxanne Bouchard enseigne la littérature au Cégep de Joliette.
Ivan Morris
Ivan Ira Esme Morris (29 November 1925 – 19 July 1976) was a British author and teacher in the field of Japanese Studies.

Ivan Morris was born in London, of mixed American and Swedish parentage, to Ira…
Helen  Fitzgerald
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Helen FitzGerald is the second youngest of thirteen children. She grew up in the small town of Kilmore, Victoria, Australia, and studied English and History at the University of Melbourne. Via India a…
Michael Hjorth
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Michael Hjorth is one of the owners and founders of the succesful production company Tre vänner, creating films for both TV and screen. Apart from screen writing he has also acted as executive produce…
Lilja Sigurðardóttir
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Lilja´s newest book, Netið ((Tangle) was published by Forlagid publishing in October 2016 and is the second book in the Reykjavík Noir Trilogy.
Lilja started her writing career in 2008 when she sent a …
Edogawa Rampo
Hirai Tarō (平井 太郎), better known by the pseudonym Rampo Edogawa ( 江戸川 乱歩), sometimes romanized as "Ranpo Edogawa", was a Japanese author and critic who played a major role in the development of Japane…
Books can be attributed to "Anonymous" for several reasons:

* They are officially published under that name
* They are traditional stories not attributed to a specific author
* They are religious text…
Shūichi Yoshida
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Shūichi Yoshida (吉田 修一) was born in Nagasaki, and studied Business Administration at Hosei University. He won the Bungakukai Prize for New Writers in 1997 for his story "Saigo no Musuko", and the Akut…
Sólveig Pálsdóttir
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Yoshida Kenkō
Yoshida Kenkō (吉田 兼好, 1283? – 1350?) was a Japanese author and Buddhist monk. His most famous work is Tsurezuregusa (Essays in Idleness), one of the most studied works of medieval Japanese literature.…
Tochi Onyebuchi
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Tochi Onyebuchi is the author of Beasts Made of Night, its sequel Crown of Thunder, War Girls, and the upcoming Riot Baby, forthcoming from Tor.com in January 2020. He has graduated from Yale Universi…
Matthew Solo
Hiroko Oyamada
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Hiroko Oyamada (小山田 浩子) is a Japanese writer.
Laura Hankin
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Laura Hankin is the author of HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT and the upcoming A SPECIAL PLACE FOR WOMEN. She's written for outlets like McSweeney's and HuffPost, while her musical comedy has been featured in The…
Natsume Sōseki
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Natsume Sōseki (夏目 漱石), born Natsume Kinnosuke (夏目 金之助), was a Japanese novelist. He is best known for his novels Kokoro, Botchan, I Am a Cat and his unfinished work Light and Darkness. He was also a …