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April 23, 2019

Happy Birthday

by Karen J Mossman

Today, 23rd April is my birthday. So let’s have a little bit of fun.

Name any one of my books. Comment on this post with – ENTERED, not the answer. Then use the contact form to send me your answer. If it is correct, then you can win this book.



Six eclectic tales – A rescued dog, a women scorned, a nun paying penance, a brave man, a girl who sees dead people and a family of wine makers.

An Electric Eclectic book introducing you to new authors.

Jody’s Tale by Markie Madden

“Not all dogs live in such a fairy ‘tail’ world. I didn’t, for a while. My name is Jody, and I’m a golden retriever.”

The Cliffs of Rathburn Heights – by C.A. Keith

There were so many things he lied about. Susan wondered how many more secrets he was hiding.

Penance by Michael J. Elliott

Sister Elizabeta closed her eyes tightly as if this would block out the fear that was creeping up on her.

“This Council has carefully considered all options and we feel there can be but one punishment.”

I Am Not Me by Paul White

Stealing yourself for major surgery, or a course of debilitating treatments while holding onto the hope of recovery is not being brave. It is making a choice, an informed decision.

The Embers of Webster Street by Karen J Mossman

When I was a child, I talked to people they couldn’t see. Jessica, who didn’t laugh often, thought it was funny until she realised I was serious.

The Vineyard by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

“It too is a secret. This is what makes us successful. As long as these secrets remain within our bloodline we will prosper. This secret is now yours as well. Treat it with respect.”

Comnpetion closes midnight on the 24th April.


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Published on April 23, 2019 03:26

April 19, 2019

Toxic – Double Trouble!

[image error]

Two authors, two versions of the same book in two exciting genres of fiction. Karen J Mossman and Karina Kantas present, Toxic.



Lexi isn’t your normal Malok. She craves adventure and freedom from the mundane life forced upon her. 100 years ago, the first drop of acid rain fell. Maloks fled to the mountains, building a new way of life—a desolate life—a life Lexi knows all too well.

Lexi has a plan, her ticket out of this miserable existence, becoming a ranger. Aron, her partner, believes she’s not strong enough to fight alongside him. Lexi will stop at nothing, no matter what the danger, to achieve her independence, even if that means defying him.

Amidst everything, Marcus, Lexi’s childhood best friend makes a sudden return. Before she can rejoice in a reunion, her happiness is crushed when she sees Mae, the bully that had terrorized her in her teens. Marcus was aware of the mental abuse Lexi had suffered and yet the person she loved and the person she hated the most, stand before her, together.

“A powerful dystopian thriller that captures the heart and imagination”.

[image error]

"A romantic, thrilling read…..Karen dares to challenge relationships
bringing them together in troubled times….thougthful and though-provok

  “I was fascinated by Stephanie Meyer’s book The Host, where people lived in mountains. This was a world I wanted to explore as a setting for Toxic. Living in a close environment as this, there has to be rules. Those rules don’t always have to be fair. This gave me scope to add intrigue and animosity between my characters.”

Karen J Mossman

Buy Links

[image error]

 Karen J Mossman

Karen J Mossman comes from a family of journalists with her grandfather and uncle having been newspaper editors. Further back a 2x grandfather wrote for his local paper and also published a book based on those articles. Karen is the only one to go into fiction.

All Karen’s books are in collections – The Decade Series, Electric Eclectic and Just Stories.’ She is also a founder member of Electric Eclectic books and has four tales in that collection.

Karen is also an avid blogger and book reviewer, “It’s especially important to me to have feedback from my readers, so please leave a review when you have read one of my books.”

Karen lives on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey off the North Wales coast with her husband and two dogs. She has two grown up children, who were both born on the same day, two years apart.

Magic of Stories on Facebook

AmazomAuthor Page





Karina Kantas


Karina Kantas is the author of the popular MC thriller series, OUTLAW and the loved romantic fantasy duology, Illusional Reality.

She also writes short stories and when her imagination is working overtime, she writes thought-provoking dark flash fiction.

There are many layers to Karina’s writing style and voice, as you will see in her flash fiction collection, Heads & Tales and in UNDRESSED she opens up more to her fans, giving them another glimpse into her warped mind.

When Karina isn’t busy working on her next bestseller, she’s a publicist, author manager and VA. She’s also the host of the popular radio show, Author Assist on the Artist First Radio Network.

FaceBook fan page





[image error]

 “A sensual, erotic read…Karina dares to figure out the nature of passi
on…thoughtful and thought-provoking.”

“It was a pleasure to read an erotic story that had an actual plot.
The genre itself is probably the most misunderstood.  The plot drives
an erotic story and the sex just adds to the enticing nature of it.  
You've done a great job building a world for your reader."

Buy Link

  [image error]

“Toxic is based in a future world where acid rain forces the people, the Maloks to build their cities inside mountains for protection. What is also amazing is this book has two versions, the romantic and the erotic. In both books the story focuses on a female Malok called Lexi, who is determined to become a Ranger and help society guard against the Outcasts. Only Lexi has little support, even from her own boyfriend, Aron. Mix in a childhood sweetheart, in the shape of Marcus, and the unexpected arrival of Mae, Lexi’s childhood bully and things begin to get interesting. Toxic is the story of Lexi’s determination to satisfy her ambitions, both professionally and personally. The Erotic Toxic tells the same story but delves deeper into Lexi’s sexuality and passions. Whichever Toxic you chose, you find yourself living the fantasy.”


 “Lexi,” greeted the young medic.

“Hey, Sha.” Lexi smiled.

She walked past Sha and sat down on a stool, took a sterile cloth, and wiped away the dead skin, causing her to take an intake of breath. No matter how many times she had been burnt there was no way to get used to that kind of pain.

As she reached for a jar of Dozax paste, Sha spoke. “You’ve been outside again, haven’t you?”

Lexi didn’t answer at first, as she felt the wonderful relief as the paste went to work, taking away the pain and healing the burn. The skin immediately started to regenerate and within moments all that was left on her hand was a green coloured dye, which would eventually fade. Still, Lexi needed to wear a patch that had a tiny spot of Dozax cream to complete the treatment. It was dangerous for any Malok to use Dozax in its pure form. Everything had to be diluted.

“You are such a strange Malok,” Sha said, shaking her head.

Lexi smiled. “I can’t help it. I’d go crazy if I was cooped up here forever.”

“Has your ranger training started?” Sha asked.

Lexi’s grin was wide. “Not yet. At the end of the week,” she answered, still not believing she had been accepted into the academy. “Okay, I’m done,” she said and then jumped off the stool. “See you tomorrow.”

“Oh wait. You have four inoculations to do tomorrow.”

“Four?” Lexi questioned.

“Yes, some Maloks arrived last night with the new commander.”

“Oh, yes I forgot about Jow. So sad. He was nice as a commander, and so approachable and happy all the time, you know?”

“Yeah,” Sha agreed and then giggled. “Remember when he came and said he wanted to learn basic aid? Oh my, he was so funny.”

Lexi laughed as she remembered that day and how he always made her smile. “See even now, just thinking of the late commander makes us happy. He left a great legacy behind.”

“He sure did. Let’s just hope the new one can live up to that.”

“Okay, I’m off. See you tomorrow, Sha.”

“I will have the Dozax jabs ready for you in the incubator,” Sha called.

“Super! Thanks,” Lexi mumbled.

Lexi still couldn’t get that sad day out of her mind. She even had to visit the Charmer to talk and get closure. The loss of Commander Jow was hard for everyone. A party of fifteen went out that day and only two returned. Lexi wished for peace every day, but the only way that would happen was if the Outcasts and the Maloks agreed to share.

She shook her head. Of course, that would never happen, she was kidding herself. Outcasts needed the Terra leaves to feed their addiction. Never mind that this amazing plant could cure pain, protect the body from germs, Illness and normal medical problems that come from age and a weary body. She couldn’t imagine how life used to be when young people would die, because they didn’t know the secret of the plant and the properties it possessed. So, sad, she thought, as she quickly made her way back to the residence she shared with Aron.

Everyone assumed that Lexi and Aron would marry and settle down. Her friends certainly thought so, and at the start, so did Lexi. Only now she had woken up, and the adventurous Lexi wanted so much more from life and becoming a ranger was a step in the right direction.


Buy Links

Toxic Adult Edition

Toxic Romance Edition

 Karina and Karen and proud to associate Toxic with Electric, Eclectic books.

Electric Eclectic is a global marketing brand

[image error]

 Hosted by

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Published on April 19, 2019 02:05

April 10, 2019

With the Invisible Pentacle

[image error]Genre – Short Stories


The stories Within the Invisible Pentacle may, at first glance, seem a rather eclectic collection, but there are several underlying unifying principles employed in their careful selection.

The titles all have a feminine association as does each story’s individual focus, whether direct or implicit. These stories explore the depths of human character, the quintessence disposition of living and of life itself.

Questions we shy from, the ones we are afraid to ask ourselves are unearthed, revealed and brought screaming into the daylight of recognition.

The prevailing factor is, they are written with consideration for our fragile human disposition, the fears, the dreams and wishes, the uncertainties and self-doubts we all carry inside ourselves, the human element of love, of life and of survival. This is a collection of poignant, emotive, yet entertaining stories everyone should read, at least once.

Karen’s Book Buzz Review

I received this book as a gift from the author and I was thrilled. Paul White is a great diverse writer. His stories are so different from each other, all sorts of topics and genres, so you never know what kind of story you will get.

These were all about females, racy ones, shy ones, murderous ones, and thoughtful ones.  There was only that I couldn’t read, as I was too squeamish. Some were short and a few were longer, although I must admit many were written in the first person, so I found myself carrying that person over to the next story.

Paul White’s stories seemed to create an atmosphere, weaving a haze that took me on a  breeze as if I was circling the characters, listening to them tal and to their thoughts.

A really enjoyable book that you can just grab and read one story at a time.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

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Published on April 10, 2019 01:36

April 9, 2019

The New Summer Garden

[image error]Genre: Crime


Sam was a down and almost out, with little prospect for the future, when he meets Rachelle, the beautiful wife of the philanderous Peter, the kingpin of an international criminal business empire.

When Peter catches Sam ‘in flagrante’ with Rachelle, he ensures Sam’s simple life becomes complicated.

What happens next takes Sam on a surreal path, where the only plausible outcome is for Sam to end up in prison or dead… most probably both.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Karen’s Book Buzz Review

This adult themed book is a great little read. It tells the story of Sam in his own words. He is a down and out, bit of drunk, no money, and lives hand to mouth. But the one thing he is, is a worker. When he’s asked to move top soil for a new summer garden, his problems are about to begin.

We know there is a problem, a big one because Sam tells us right at the beginning that he is in big trouble. Although, you soon forget about that when he meets Rachelle and is lured into her bed.

The story is a page turner as Sam gets in deeper and deep and through no fault of his own, except he is unable to resist sexy woman. These type of women are always trouble, so you know right from the beginning things are not going to end well.

It doesn’t, and you’ll want to keep on reading because you have to know every last detail. Sam is a clever man. He devises plan, which he doesn’t reveal, but I had guessed – only I hadn’t expected one final twist ….

I liked Sam, he was an interesting man!


Paul White is a prolific writer and he doesn’t just stick to one genre. He just can’t stop writing and even has a website of short stories, should you want to read more.

Electric Eclectic Books, are a great for finding new authors and there is such a varity of genres. These are Paul’s other books under the EE Brand.

[image error]

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Published on April 09, 2019 23:03

April 5, 2019

3 weeks to go

Please subscribe to this blog, and writers, take advantage of this – I will be doing!

Electric Press


There are just over three weeks to go before the May edition of Electric Press, the new literary magazine is published.

Exciting times.

Now is a good time to share this with your friends and suggest they ‘follow’ this, the Electric Press site, so they too can be kept in touch with all the latest news, updates, stories, compititions, offers and giveaways we have coming up.

Don’t forget, Electric Press is a quarterly periodical, so we never stop accepting contributions and submissions.

The annual schedule of Electric Press is planned as, February, May, August, & November. 

Electric Press is constantly looking for reports, articles, interviews with authors and readers. We want to know your personal views and observations on anything bookish, and please, do send us your poetry, short stories, flash fiction and more.

Please see the submissions pagefor details.

Ask us questions, email us your views, answer…

View original post 40 more words

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Published on April 05, 2019 07:00

April 4, 2019

Happy Birthday

by Karen J Mossman

I’ve always been terrible with figures. I’ve failed at maths all my life. Those few maths exams I took, I panicked, and even today, when I run into a maths equation, I go number blind. Now I feel I have a sort of dyslexia for numbers, is there such a thing?

Like many other people I forget things and have often wondered how actors learn and remember their lines. I know I couldn’t.

So, it’s very strange that from a young age, I’ve remembered people’s birthdays. My children used to joke with me by randomly naming family members asking when their birthday was.

What makes it more odd is how I remember the birthday of everyone I have ever known. Not at all useful when you see a date and  know it is someone’s birthday who you haven’t spoken to, or seen for forty years!

Consequently, I was always buying birthday cards and have now started a new venture of making and selling my own. Previous to this, I would sought out people who made them, as they are much nicer to send than shop bought ones.

The other thing that niggled me over the years is if you provide a service, one that you work hard to produce, you generally wouldn’t expect to be only paid a quarter of what it is worth. Yet that is the case for indie authors, like me.

Take Amazon for instance, although they are a great retailer and offer a good service, they take the majority of royalties from my books. I only sell them for a £1, which is the market value these days. So imagine how much I get of that. Less than  twenty five pence out of every pound.

So why don’t readers buy directly from authors? Wouldn’t it be better the full amount went to the person who did the work, or provided a service?

Online shopping has really taken off these last few years, most people use it. You can buy a birthday card online and have it sent directly to your recipient and you don’t even have to leave your armchair.

So how about buying and e-book and a card and have them sent directly to the person of your choice?

This is what I am offering on Kazz’s Books and Cards. You can buy cards individually or in packs. You can have them posted to yourself or the person of your choice. More importantly, you can also buy a gift of an e-book or a paperback alone with a pretty card.

This is an invitation for you to come and like my page and when you next have a birthday to buy for, consider me and my books.


[image error]

An example


[image error]

An example

[image error]

An example

Will you share my page on your timeline? Everyone. buy cards and gift sand it will help me spread the word as far as possible.


Kazz’s Books and Cards




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Published on April 04, 2019 04:29

A New Summer Garden

[image error]An Electric Eclectic Novelette by Paul White.

Brief blurb

A crime drama.

Sam was a down and almost out, with little prospect for the future when he meets Rachelle, the beautiful wife of the philanderous Peter, the kingpin of an international criminal business empire.

When Peter catches Sam ‘in flagrante’ with Rachelle, he ensures Sam’s simple life becomes complicated.

What happens next takes Sam on a surreal path, where the only plausible outcome is for Sam to end up in prison or dead… most probably both.


Amazon UK

Amazon US


I have never played poker before. The only game I played with cards was ‘Snap’ when I was a child and I usually lost then. Yet somehow, by one o’clock in the morning, there was a great pile of money in front of me, bunches of twenty and fifty-pound notes.

Things were looking good.

By three o’clock my entire wad of cash was gone. So was my original three hundred pounds stake money Peter gave me.

It had all gone tits-up.

The game was wound up at four o’clock and I was in the shit. I was left with five IOU’s, totalling five thousand seven hundred and twenty pounds. The debt belonged to the two Kosovans and the big Russian, with a few hundred owing to the three Polish fellows.

They said I had one month to come up with the cash or pay with my kneecaps.

Peter laughed aloud saying it was the best three hundred pounds investment he had made in years. In fact, he said, he often paid twice that amount to fuck one of his poxy little whores.

I knew then I had been fucked over. Again.

But this was not the end of the night. Oh no, things were to get a little more complicated than just being stitched up by a jealous husband and owing a gambling debt to a bunch of unstable, possibly ex KGB type, gangsters.

[image error]

Join the office Facebook launch on the Electric Eclectic Page on April 10th
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Published on April 04, 2019 03:14

March 31, 2019

Huge Book Sale!

Entertaining and Insightful Reading!

A rescue mission originally thought of as lasting for a year or two turned into a 35 year lifetime love affair with a beautiful old building.
There were to be battles royal with neighbours not wanting their status quo to be altered, and with the local fire authority who sought to impose draconian new safety measures. 
John Searancke came to the role of hotelkeeper almost accidentally, and most definitely with much reluctance. After his parents’ marriage fell apart, he was dragooned in, at the age of 22, to pick up the pieces of their new venture, a barely-trading country house hotel that had, frankly, seen better days. Not only was it posting an annual loss, but the fabric of the building was crumbling and there was no money left to make improvements. 
Over the years, and with the steepest of learning curves, the grand old building was renovated and transformed to meet the requirements of the modern discerning traveller. Accolades for the hotel and its restaurant were won; together they became a well-regarded destination for a number of celebrities – and those that deemed themselves to be celebrities but were not. Stories abound featuring idiosyncratic guests, overbearing public bodies, fractured family life and animals of all shapes and sizes. The local fire station next door was demolished one foggy night, people were frightened by flying dogs and snakes in the long grass, and there were, as befits a country house, strange goings on in the night. Many were the guests who checked in who really should not have been seen together. 

This is a tribute to all the people behind the scenes who helped to make the hard-won transformation into a great success.

Now Available in wide distribution!





Meanwhile, for my part, I recalled the tale of how one morning, on the way to the new kitchen, and walking through what remained of the old original hotel kitchen, I thought that I had been transported into another lifetime, a cross between Dante’s Inferno and a Victorian Christmas. I had stopped dead in my tracks.
There at the far end of the room was an unrecognisable person covered almost entirely in feathers. Any feathers not attached to that person were swilling around the room like a cloud, all but obscuring the far doorway, before landing softly to form a light covering on the floor tiles, much as I imagine the interior of a duvet to be.

On closer inspection, the mystery person turned out to be my mother! What had got into her mind I do not know, but she had, unbeknownst to anyone else, decided that her contribution to that particular Christmas was going to be the plucking of all of the pheasants that had just been delivered. Swooping on the box of birds and snatching them away from the hapless potboy, she maneuvered herself into a spare space, which happened to be adjacent to the top of a chest freezer. Clearly, tidiness was not going to be her watchword during this process. Feathers were pulled out, legs and heads were chopped off with gay abandon, and finally, the right hand was plunged into the bloody interior, emerging clutching a large handful of intestines, slimy heaps of which adorned the top of the freezer. Cleaning up after her was a bit of a trial, but I was glad that she had made the effort. I suppose that she could identify that with long bygone times and tasks that she had undertaken all those years ago.

“The Reluctant Hotelkeeper by John Searancke is an engaging memoir that takes readers into the life of the author who ended up reluctantly being a hotelkeeper, and how his rescue mission ended up being a love affair with an old building. His parents had bought the place in the countryside to save their crumbling marriage, and the author was pulled into this venture when he was just 22. The role of a hotelkeeper is not as easy as many think because the reality of life in a hotel is very different, and the hours required to make it a success are punishing. The memoir is also a tribute to all the people who worked behind the scenes and helped in making this grand transformation a huge success.

The memoir is straightforward and honest, entertaining and insightful, and the author opens up about the difficulties he faced, and how he managed to keep his faith in long-term planning. There are a lot of interesting stories about eccentric guests, how many guests who checked in should not have been seen together at all, and how it ended up being one of the favored stops for a number of celebrities. The author goes through the entire process, speaking about transforming the hotel methodically and in detail, taking readers along with him and his experiences while getting the old building renovated to cater to the needs of a modern traveler. There is not one boring moment in this memoir and the positive narration and outlook make this memoir an encouraging and motivating read. The author’s story and experiences are enriching, and the ups and downs of his life and the accolades he received for the hotel and its restaurant will encourage many readers out there to become hotelkeepers.” – Readers’ Favorite(Mamta Madhavan)

‘Many years after the deaths of my parents, my aunt handed me a box filled with letters that my father had written to my mother over the period from 1940 to 1945. This was the starting point of a journey for me to rediscover the father I had never really known…’ 




This is the story of John Searancke’s parents, told mostly from the side of his father, Eddie Searancke, from the time of his calling up in early 1940 to his release from a prisoner of war camp in Germany in 1945, thence his return to England to try to pick up the pieces of his old life. Nothing could ever be quite the same afterwards.

The letters take readers through five captivating years, telling of the ups and downs, the plots and counterplots, as Eddie rose through the ranks to end his war as a captain, elevated to that rank in the field as his troops faced the formidable might of the SS Panzers. The letters also reveal where his battle came to an abrupt end, in an orchard surrounded by the enemy and captured after a series of bloody skirmishes as the British army spearheaded its way from the beaches of Normandy. The journey as a prisoner across France and Germany in a truck, with comrades dying each day, may be as hard to read as it is to tell, particularly when a new life and new harsh rules had to be learned and rigidly enforced in a prison camp in northern Germany, the final destination.

This is written as part memoir, part fictionalised retelling and partly in letter format; John draws together all sources to recreate the five years of war and hardship that the letters span.


Available in wide distribution:

On the brink of retirement, John and his wife Sally are determined to end a life at the grindstone in grimy and wet Lancashire. Together with their beloved Jack Russell/Staffie cross, Freddie, a rescue dog from the local RSPCA, they embark on the journey of a lifetime and relocate to the island of Tenerife. 

Selling up, they make the move to the north of Tenerife, a part almost unknown to the casual tourist – their very own hidden paradise, a world away from the ‘tourist trap’ that is the south of the island. Relaxed and surrounded by stunning coastal views, life in their new home, set amidst orange groves and banana plantations, is very different indeed! The weather is fantastic, the temperature idyllic, the people so friendly and the cost of living outrageously low… what more could they ask for? 
Adjusting to life abroad, and all of the costs that come with it, are explained in the book – from buying a new home and sorting out living taxes, to integrating into the local community and taking the dreaded Spanish driving test. Follow John and Sally as they learn a new language and take on a couple of new hobbies, while Freddie takes off on some unbelievable (but true!) exploits with his new canine friends. 
With a colourful collection of characters, travelling anecdotes that stretch from the English Midlands and all the way through mainland Spain in an old classic car, and some not so perfect moments that bring us back down to earth from time to time, this is a series of adventures that you will not want to miss. 
Dog Days In The Fortunate Islands is an ideal read for those contemplating retirement, moving to the Canary Islands or an extended trip through Spain. The book will also appeal to any dog lovers and holidaymakers who enjoy an interesting story. 

Available in wide disribution:

To learn more about John Searancke www.johnsearancke.com


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Published on March 31, 2019 16:02

March 30, 2019

Books for April

Here is a great selectrion of discounted books which is posted on author, Sahara Foley’s site. It also features Electric Eclectic books, including some from me, Karen.

Take a look!


[image error]

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Published on March 30, 2019 09:09

March 29, 2019

Sophie: Witch-Hunter – Cover Reveal

Sophie: Witch-Hunter

K.S. Marsden


Everyone will betray you…

Sophie has always had a high opinion of herself. She is smart, beautiful, and meant for something more than a mundane, human life.

From a young age she’s had to weigh duty against selfish desires. Her new friend Izzy starts to break down her carefully-constructed walls, and makes Sophie question everything she thought she knew.

With witch-hunters and witches vying for a place in her future, Sophie has to decide who she can trust.

This is a prequel to the Witch-Hunter trilogy, and contains spoilers from the very beginning.

We highly recommend you read The Shadow Rises, before finding out more about everybody’s favourite cold-hearted bitch.

Book Links:  Goodreads

As stated, this is not intended to be a stand-alone, and relies on knowledge of  the Witch-Hunter world.

If you have not yet read The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter #1), you can pick it up for FREE.

The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter #1)

When a new witch threat rises, only Hunter Astley can stop them… 

In the face of dark magic and evil witches, a secret witch-hunting society works tirelessly to keep them at bay. The Malleus Maleficarum Council have strict rules and practises for eradicating magic.

Due to their work, witches have been almost forgotten, relegated to myth; but rumours are starting to emerge of a new power that will throw the world into chaos.

As the only 7th generation witch-hunter, Hunter Astley is the best the MMC has to offer. With the help of his colleagues, it’s a race to track down this new threat and stop them… in any way he can.

Part one of the Witch-Hunter trilogy.

Free download from most ebook retailers.

Book links:


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble



Google Play


Also available in Audiobook:

Audible US

Audible UK


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Published on March 29, 2019 06:23

Karen's Book Buzz Blog

Karen J. Mossman
I review all of the books I read and write about them on my site.

Authors also feature their books on my site.

Follow Karen J. Mossman's blog with rss.