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This morning I heard Amy Winehouse had died. I felt sadness as the song, "They Tried to Make Me Go To Rehab" went through my head. Instantly I thought that she probably should've gone to rehab because I surmised that the cause of death would be drugs since her battle with illicit narcotics was very public. The others in the coffee store were reaching the same conclusion. My sadness grew as the store was playing her music and while listening to the songs she had written and her striking voice I couldn't help but feel a sorrow for that voice which had such power and soul infused in it.

Returning home from errends I hit the computer and saw that there is actually a 27 Club. This is for musicians that have died at 27 and they were great musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison.

Got me thinking, is there such a thing for writers too?

So I did some investigating. No such thing seems to be true of writers, although I guess there could be a 29 Club with Anne Bronte and Stephen Crane (Red Badge of Courage). Or maybe a 30 Club with Emily Bronte and Sylvia Plath. But not the same amount of writers die at the same age as musicians. Werid, huh?

Although, if you think about it many of these amazing musicans were writers so I guess that says it all.

So what is it about the age of 27 that sends these superstars spiraling out of orbit? Maybe we'll never know, but what is certain is that they lived too short and have left a mark on all who listen to their music.

To the family of Amy Winehouse I send my condolences.
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