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Netflix's production of The Crown is extraordinary.

Every once in a while a television series comes along that seizes your imagination by the throat and won't let go. Seeing Downton Abbey was that way for me. I will put The Tudors and Breaking Bad in that category as well. I must now add The Crown to the list of stories that keep me enraptured episode after episode late into the night.

The writing, acting, costumes, and scenery are exceptional. And the show is enlightening. As an American, I've never really understood or appreciated the value (or even the reason) that Britain maintains the monarchy. Watching this show, which humanizes the royal family, faults and all, demonstrates how the Crown emboldens and permeates the moral fiber of the British temperament. Revealing the scandals, rivalries, and interpersonal struggles members of the royal family have - mostly related to "love" - makes them seem real, more like ordinary people, except that they were born into an extraordinary, public role, where impropriety must be avoided at all costs to maintain the decorum imposed upon them by the people as well as Parliament.

As with every good series, casting is of paramount importance. The superb acting of Claire Foy in her role as Queen Elizabeth II is marvellous to watch. Her subdued facial expressions, eye movements, and general demeanour speak volumes, far beyond what ordinary words could do, giving her a power and presence that is admirable and engaging. John Lithgow's acerbic portrayal of Winston Churchill is riveting, revealing the genius and craftiness of one of the world's most important politicians, as he collaboratively guides the Crown from behind the scenes while maintaining a contentious control of Parliament.

Overall, I believe this is one of the finest television series ever produced. I can't give enough praise to Peter Morgan's mesmerising script writing. I highly recommend the show to anyone interested in history, politics, and the travails of love while constantly living under a microscope.
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Published on November 05, 2016 11:12 Tags: britain, british-royal-family, churchill, peter-morgan-history, the-crown, the-queen