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Food for the soul is solitude and nature surroundings
Where there is quiet and not a whisper is heard
And u still silently grasping the meaning of it all
Such solitude is a blessing
And cursed are the ones who don’t fathom its delights
Where u are in one with the universe
For you are in the universe and the universe is in you’
Back and forth
Just the imagination
A world within u
And a world outside you
A billion souls all wandering in the world
Doing what?
Going where?
Looking for what?
What you seek is within you so, where are you looking
My dear friend
Connect with your own soul
And be at peace with the universe
What is now is what is meant to be
Just cherish the moment
For it will not come back ever
Enjoy the beauty of the world
For it will perish one day
Enrich your soul as you enrich your body
For you are a soul caged in a human body
And just as your body needs nourishment
So, does your soul my friend
Take care of your soul as you take care of your body
Both are perish indeed
One without the other is what is known as death
As you live, so does your soul within you
So, nourish your soul my friend
Take time out for it
Connect with nature to get to the soul
In solitude, calm, rested
At peace with everything and everyone
That is pure bliss indeed
But then you are an ocean of torment and desires erupting within you
You have peace and then you are tormented
That is the human condition
After all, we are not angels
We are only human
That is life my friend
That is life my friend
Just ponder on it
Will you take time out for yourself?
Think for a minute my friend
I gaze a world within me and a world without
Seas of desires and dreams in my own oceans
Longing for this, and longing for that
Endless streams coming and going in the oceans within me
And yet, there is a world outside me
I look back and forth in bewilderment
What is real? What is farce?
My imagination is as real as can be
My own oceans roar and swirl as deafening as can be
My torments, as painful as can be
And yet, there is a world beyond
And I look in bewilderment back and forth
Souls anguished
Souls tormented
Souls lost in this world
Too busy to even ponder their own selves
Too busy doing what?
Happiness is in the heart
Not material of the world
Bliss is inside you
A few minutes of solitude in majestic nature is bliss and is food for the soul.

Lucky are the ones who can have it for they have indeed enriched their souls.

People too busy to take time out for these moments to connect with their souls through nature

These people have definitely suffered unknowingly.

So take heed my dear friend and take time out each day to connect with nature for that is food for the soul.
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