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April 2, 2015

Why I Cum for The Claiming of Eve; Trust Me, You'll Cum Hard Too

Warning: If an explicit sex story that is sacrilegious in nature bothers you, then run like Hell from The Claiming of Eve!

The Claiming of Eve (Taboo Tales of Paranormal Kink, Book 2) by Bella Swann

The Claiming of Eve is my newest erotic story and one of those books that just seemed to be divinely or demonically inspired which is apt considering its subject matter deals with the Fall of Adam and Eve from Eden and their banishment into the wilderness. I've always been intrigued by the idea of existing in a state of innocence and then falling into sin because of the desire to be more than you are as you taste the seductive power that accompanies the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

Of course, I needed to flesh out the original story from Genesis so I decided to borrow from John Milton's Paradise Lost and included some archangels (Michael and Raphael) who would be visitors to the Garden as well. Then I thought I should incorporate the Jewish belief of Lilith as Adam's first wife and have her be wandering around the Garden as well hoping to corrupt innocent Eve. Finally, I knew that Lucifer a.k.a. Satan would have to make his presence known as the seductive power of his words was responsible for tempting Eve to fall. Those readers who know how much I love writing about snake monsters could imagine my delight at picturing the erotic mischief Lucifer would get up to with Eve in those deserted groves. Not to mention the erotic punishments involved when Adam and the Angels find the shed snakeskin of Lucifer's and decide to incorporate the snakeskin into Eve's humiliation and punishment at the end of the story.
As I was trying to envision the final ending of this story, it occurred to me that the Archangels might be especially angry at Eve for causing the Fall of Adam. After all, Michael and Raphael had known Adam longer than Eve and would have had time to form emotional connections to him that would warrant a very, special erotic goodbye from the angels to Adam - a MMM scene between them all that my characters demanded I write for them.

So, for all those who are fans of erotic humiliation, snake monsters, ménages, BDSM, and the corruption of innocence, you need to check out The Claiming of Eve which is available wherever eBooks are sold. (A paperback version will also soon be available on Amazon).

P.S. I love waking up to see new reviews of one of my stories on Amazon especially when I realize how much the readers loved the book. So thank-you to Avid Reader and Reed James for leaving these wonderful reviews on

Avid Reader's 5 Stars Review: "Ok. This is your second novel that shocked me. I have been around the 7 seas, been around for over 5 decades, and I was shocked and appalled. I loved it. Best bible story ever. Warning: sacrilegious and extreme adult content."

Reed James's 5 Stars Review: "Eve innocently lives in the Garden of Eden, submitting to her husband Adam and the Archangels that visit the garden. But when she encounters Lilith, Adam's first wife, everything changes. The submissive Eve can't help but submit to Lilith's touches, her body discovering new passions.

Reeling from her illicit tryst with Lilith, Eve stumbles to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil where Lucifer, in the guise of a serpent-monster, dominates Eve. Reveling in newfound lusts and knowledge, Eve's existence changes.

But what will happen when Adam and the Angels discover how naughty Eve's been?

Bella takes on such a taboo subject, portraying her own, kinky take on Original Sin. Eve is beautiful and submissive, yearning in the depths of her soul for a strong man to master her. Bella's erotic pen flows, painting the pages with lust, heaving breasts, liquid passion.

Bella has written another hot tale of submissive women being claimed. And what a naughty, kinky, taboo tale it was! Fair warning, there is some brief guy-on-guy in this one, but there is plenty of Eve being dominated at the hands of man, angels, and monsters.

I don't want to spoil it, but I really liked those last lines. They were perfect!"

So, if you want to see what really happens in Eden when the lion lies down with the lamb and Eve is snugly sandwiched between the two as all three take a nap together, then check out The Claiming of Eve.

For those who cannot resist a taste of the forbidden fruit within:

Adam reached down and twisted Eve’s clit hard. She looked up at him in shock. “Your body belongs to me, Eve.” He squeezed her heavy breasts and tugged on her nipples. “From now on, I am the only creature who gets to use your body for my pleasure.” He looked up at the angel and then sternly back down at Eve. “Or allow others to use your body for their pleasure.”

After all, why live in Innocence when Falling into Sin is so much more enticing....

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March 24, 2015

Ever Wonder What Seeds Persephone Really Swallowed in Hell to Become the Bride of Hades? Read The Claiming of Persephone to Find Out!

I have always been fascinated by the Greek myth surrounding Persephone, the innocent goddess who is gathering flowers with the other nymphs when she catches the eye of the God of the Underworld, Hades. He bursts through a cleft in the earth using his massive chariot, kidnaps Persephone, and takes her back to the Underworld to be his bride and the Queen of the Underworld. There is such fascinating yonic and phallic symbolism within the myth itself as the hyper-masculine Hades complete with massive chariot, roaring stallions, and a heavy whip forces his way through a hole in Mother Earth (Gaea) in order to kidnap an innocent maiden and drag her back to Hell. Talk about a hot story of dubious consent and BDSM!

Yet, the most mysterious part of the story that always has intrigued me has to do with those seeds that Persephone swallows that dooms her to spend part of the year in the Underworld. Sure, the so-called "polite" version of this story of abduction (also known as the Rape of Persephone in Greek mythology) has her swallow the seeds of a pomegranate. Seems a mite suspicious to me as a writer of erotica. Pomegranate seeds are red and fleshy and seem symbolically very close to some other red and fleshy parts of the male body that also contain seeds. ;-)

So, what type of seeds would really desecrate an innocent virgin's mouth? Presumably, the mouth, although, there are so many other intriguing orifices within a beautiful maiden that a God could desecrate with his seeds. Or perhaps consecrate might be a better word? After all, since Hades is a God, wouldn't that make Persephone the "vessel" for his seeds?

If you want to read an intensely erotic answer to the question of what really happens to Persephone when she is kidnapped by Hades and swallows down his seeds, then read The Claiming of Persephone. In this story, poor Persephone finds that becoming the Queen of the Underworld involves a series of dark BDSM initiations involving intense humiliation and paranormal creatures, all too eager to teach her what it really means to sexually serve the God of Hell.

"As Persephone lay whimpering face-down upon the earth, Hades commanded her to lay still.

Tears streamed down Persephone’s face as she immediately obeyed the powerful god who so terrified her.

Hades sighed in pleasure as he saw her quivering, beautiful flesh even closer-up. He reached down with his black leather crop and tapped it thoughtfully against her reddening hips. “Raise your ass up in the air towards me,” he ordered Persephone.

With a whimper, Persephone pushed her hips up towards the god.

Hades pushed his heavy crop underneath her pussy and began to saw it back and forth against her cunt as Persephone moaned in confused pleasure. He pulled his crop out from between her pussy folds and smirked to see how wet and sticky it was from her pussy juices. He slapped her rounded hips hard with his crop and then as she squealed in pain, he rubbed his crop against her pussy so that she moaned in delight again..."

The Claiming of Persephone (Taboo Tales of Paranormal Kink Book 1) by Bella Swann

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Published on March 24, 2015 20:54 Tags: blogs, erotica, fairy-tales, persephone, semen, symbolism, writing

Ever Wonder What Sexual Antics Adam and Eve Were Up to Before the Fall - Read The Claiming of Eve to Find Out!

Today, I released The Claiming of Eve which is a very erotic homage to Adam and Eve both from the story of Genesis and Milton's Paradise Lost. I have always been fascinated by the idea of Adam and Eve frolicking naked in the Garden of Eden in a state of innocence until the serpent Satan enters and tempts Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit.

In my erotic interpretation, Adam and Eve are not always alone. They encounter Archangels such as Raphael and Michael, who serve as messengers of God, but dally sexually with Adam and Eve when visiting the Garden. Lilith (known in Jewish folklore as Adam's first wife) also makes an appearance and it's never good for the husband when the first and second wives get together to compare notes. Finally, of course, Lucifer shows up in the form of a serpent and tempts Eve to "eat" of the golden apples of the Tree of Knowledge in some very deviant ways. There's lots of sexual humiliation, BDSM, and ménages including but not limited to MFM, MMM, and MMMF.

So, for those of you who are not easily offended and want to read about what sexual antics might really have occurred in Eden when Adam delved and Eve fucked everything that moved as she waited for him to come home from a long day's gardening, then enjoy The Claiming of Eve.

Adam reached down and twisted Eve’s clit hard. She looked up at him in shock. “Your body belongs to me, Eve.” He squeezed her heavy breasts and tugged on her nipples. “From now on, I am the only creature who gets to use your body for my pleasure.” He looked up at the angel and then sternly back down at Eve. “Or allow others to use your body for their pleasure.”

If you want to read more than a taste of this story of Forbidden Fruit, then please look for The Claiming of Eve wherever you buy your eBooks.

Warning, this is NOT a tale for those who are offended by explicit sex stories containing humiliation, BDSM, and ménages galore!

Sinful reading,

The Claiming of Eve (Taboo Tales of Paranormal Kink, Book 2) by Bella Swann
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Published on March 24, 2015 18:26 Tags: blogs, erotica, fairy-tales, symbolism, writing

March 14, 2015

Why I Cum for Snake Monsters; Trust Me, You'll Cum Hard Too

There is something so terrifyingly alien about the snake monster. First, there’s its triangular head and those cold and unblinking eyes that stare at you without mercy. Then there’s that long, flickering tongue that scents the air to sense your presence and those long, pointed fangs that drip with a poisonous venom meant to incapacitate or even kill you. But the most disturbing aspect of the snake monster is the way that it undulates its powerful body in those terrifyingly unnatural movements as it slithers silently through the grass, races through the water, or hangs so silently in the branches above you until it’s ready to attack.

When mortals are in the presence of such a snake monster, they understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that, in those wild realms of the world, they are the prey and the snake monster is the predator. That knowledge sends visceral shudders into every fibre of one’s being and that sense of being in pure danger can be undeniably sexually arousing. After all, fear and desire share many of the same physical symptoms, and lust is a more enjoyable response to peril than paralysis – and probably more helpful in the long run. Lust gets the blood flowing and mortals moving, while paralysis will end up with one becoming the prey of a silent, primeval force of nature.

Snakes have mainly been associated in western civilization since the advent of Christianity with Satan and the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Thus, snakes have often been used symbolically to represent evil or demonic forces – the true wilderness that exists out of civilization. One is told to beware of the “snake in the grass” as a warning against those people who may attack you without warning. This meaning comes from the image of Satan in the guise of a snake tempting Eve in Eden to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Yet, snakes have also been used for thousands of years to represent far more than potential betrayal and evil. The image of the ouroboros – the circular image of the snake whose mouth devours its tail – represents the cyclical nature of life and death and often stands as an image of eternity. Snakes have frequently been used as symbols for knowledge and power and connected to the chthonic (the Underworld) deities in Greek and Roman mythology. Let one not forget that Asclepius, the Greek god of Medicine, was depicted in art and literature as having a staff intertwined with a snake. Thus, in western civilization, snakes have also been long associated with healing. If one looks closely, one will often see the image of the snake intertwined on the staff still found on items associated with health and medicine such as ambulances, medical universities, hospitals, and even on some doctors’ identity badges.

Yet, within erotica, the most powerful depiction of the snake, is as a powerful phallic symbol. The snake becomes an enticing metaphor for the penis especially for those who write paranormal erotica a.k.a. monster sex. Few things are more terrifying and strangely sexually potent than monstrous snakes undulating their way through the shadowy darkness towards their victims who shudder at the approach of danger on a subconscious level, but cannot hide from cold blooded creatures who can sense the body heat of their prey and taste their arousal.

The long, pointed fangs of the snake monster that drip with glistening venom become under the pen of the erotica writer, a perfect archetype of the cock as it first glistens in arousal and then explodes in a profusion of spunk. The symbolic penetration of the fangs into one’s skin mirrors the literal penetration of the cock into one’s pussy, mouth, or ass. Their beautiful and rough scales represent the alien nature of the snake monster so vividly and can be used in so many masturbatory ways against the bodies of submissive female flesh (and male flesh as well) in hot, kinky erotica. Finally, the snake monster becomes the perfect vehicle for double penetration with their oh-so-convenient head and tail – forget the ouroboros as a sacred image of eternity – imagine that creature wrapping itself around an unwary, naughty trespasser, who soon learns what it means to have at least 2 of her 3 holes filled by a snake monster.

If you still doubt the powerful eroticism of the snake monster, let me entice you to eat of the forbidden fruit and experience for yourself, the dangerous sexual energy that accompanies the snake monster of erotica:

“As she paused to look down in the swirling, murky waters beneath her, she felt but could not see a long, hard sinewy body force its way through her legs, its rough scales abrading the softer flesh of her inner thighs…While the lower part of the creature’s body slowly circled Wondrous Woman from behind, the front part of the creature with its massive, triangular shaped head, beady black eyes, and long flickering tongue, turned around for a better look at its prey that was giving off such a tantalizing and unexpected scent.”

“Persephone whimpered in fear as she saw six yellow eyes glowing in the darkness of her cage and heard heavy rattling noises moving ever-closer… The snake-monsters’ bodies began to secrete warm, heavy oils through their rough scales as they undulated endlessly over the sweet, tender flesh of their newest plaything… With sighs of regret, the snake-creatures slowly pulled their rattlers out of their new plaything and released their fangs from her now-deeply-pierced nipples and clit that were burning hot with venom…”

Mmmm… Fear and arousal are such a potent combination, aren’t they? When they are interwoven with the dangerous, alien, primeval snake monsters, the sex that follows is explosive, intoxicating, and addictive…

So, for those of you who wish to rediscover the horrifying thrills of the snake monster, but with a more dangerously sexualized flavour, take a chance and cross into my erotic realm; you’ll encounter smoking hot scenes of symbolically strange, kinky, possessive sex. Trust me, you’ll cum for snake monsters too and then you’ll keep cumming back for more…

The Claiming of Persephone (Taboo Tales of Paranormal Kink Book 1) by Bella Swann

The Claiming of Wondrous Woman in the Land of Ice and Snow (Super Heroines in Erotic Bondage, #1) by Bella Swann

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March 7, 2015

Why I Cum for Erotic Fairy Tales; Trust Me, You’ll Cum Hard Too

The alpha wolf howls fiercely through the eerie darkness of the silent forest. Swaying tree branches cast menacing shadows over the rough pathways. Silver moonlight pierces the gloom as the wary travellers approaches the crossroads between civilization and wilderness and choose to enter into their own journey of adventure.

There is just something so effing primeval and symbolic about the fairy tale – not the sanitized, modern versions – but the ancient, more horrifying folk tales that were meant to teach you through terror not to cross forbidden boundaries but to stay on the path of civilization. Yet, for those who crave excitement and are not afraid of danger and the possibility of pain, going off the path and into the wilderness will always prove to be a far more satisfying experience than following the dictates of society.

The first erotic fantasises most readers often have are around fairy tales as danger and sexual thrills are inextricably interwoven in these stories. Little Red Riding Hood meets the highly sexualized Big Bad Wolf and is saved by a rough Huntsman with a massive axe. Prince Charming cuts and hacks his way through a dangerous forest wall of thorns with his glistening sword in order to kiss and awaken a Sleeping Beauty. Rapunzel is trapped in a tower by an evil witch, but is rescued by a Prince who climbs up into her Tower. He kills the witch with his sword and then rescues Rapunzel.

Fans of phallic and yonic symbolism will be unsurprised when they examine fairy tales with a more discerning eye to see how rife with sexual symbolism these folk tales truly are. The Alpha Males, whether heroes or villains, carry their penile symbols of male sexual power to represent their powerful cocks – the glistening swords or massive axes or the shining pointed teeth of the Big Bad Wolf as he lies waiting in bed to pounce on Little Red Riding Hood. Surrounded by rounded yonic walls sometimes even made-up of flowery thorns, these submissive damsels-in-distress wait with quivering pussies to be penetrated and set free by these Alpha Males.

Who can forget the story of Cinderella whose foot must fit the slipper held by her Prince before he will sweep her off to their own happily-ever-after? In the original folk tale, the slipper is described as covered by fur which leads to far more intriguing and erotic possibilities than a mere shoe (although shoe fetishists know there is no such thing as a mere shoe). The fur covered slipper serves as a wickedly erotic yonic symbol for dear Cinderella’s sweet pussy which begs the question – what exactly is the Prince doing to all those beautiful young women when he travels around the Kingdom looking for his perfect Princess – perhaps trying to see whose symbolic pussies best fit his own royal cock?

In the story of Beauty and the Beast, by what magical power does Beauty tame the Beast who visits her every night – perhaps by the power of her pussy – perhaps by more adult bedroom games of BDSM? Fans of monster sex quiver at the sexual possibilities within such a tale that are just begging to be told.

Although I have mainly concentrated on the fairy tales of the forest, let us not forget the erotic possibilities that fairy tales of the dangerous waters and the creatures that swim below offer as well. What about those bare-breasted, curious, and submissive mermaids who swim out of the yonic sea and straight into the harsh, tangling nets and hard cocks of fishermen all too eager to claim and possess these wet and willing innocents? When tails split into legs, who among us has not wondered how mermaids and men finally cum together?

So, for those of you who wish to rediscover the thrills of the fairy tale, but with a more dangerously sexualized flavour, take a chance and cross into the erotic realm of fairy tales; you’ll encounter smoking hot scenes of symbolically strange, kinky, possessive sex. Trust me, you’ll cum for erotic fairy tales too and then you’ll keep cumming back for more…

The Claiming of Rouge in the Deep Woods (Twisted Fairy Tales for the Sexually Adventurous, #1) by Bella Swann

The Claiming of Rapunzel in Xanadu (Twisted Fairy Tales for the Sexually Adventurous, #2) by Bella Swann

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (Twisted Fairy Tales for the Sexually Adventurous, #3) by Bella Swann
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Why I Cum for Dubious Consent; Trust Me, You’ll Cum Hard Too

Dubious consent? Sex with people against their will? Isn’t that sick – perverted – you know, lowers voice to a shocked whisper...rape?

Technically, dubious consent in erotica involves putting characters into sexual situations in which they are not giving their consent for the sexual use of their bodies. Sometimes, these characters are asleep or intoxicated in some way as would-be lovers stimulate and use them sexually. Sometimes, these characters say no with their mouths, but their bodies say yes as they become aroused and taken, initially against their will, but they always end up feeling intense pleasure as a result of their sexual encounters.

Scenes involving dubious consent are not only found in erotica but can also be found in mainstream films and literature as well. Years ago, I remember watching James Spader and Susan Sarandon in White Palace. There is one scene in which Susan Sarandon’s character starts giving a blow job to James Spader’s character while he is drunkenly asleep. He wakes up to find she is using him sexually which definitely fits the definition of dubious consent since he was asleep when she started. Another movie with elements of dubious consent is Sea of Love with Ellen Barkin and Al Pacino. In one scene, Al Pacino’s character is trying to have sex with Ellen Barkin’s character. She keeps saying “no” and trying to push him away until he gets his fingers inside her panties and her “no” soon changes to “yes.” They have wild, passionate sex but that was most definitely a scene that for quite a while involved dubious consent. Of course, these are not scenes of real life encounters but make-believe; that’s why what would be intensely problematic behaviour in the real world can be so effing hot in the fictional world. Oddly enough, fairy tales often have an element of dubious consent. (I’ll talk more about fairy tales in another post but think about the idea of true love’s kiss.) This kiss is often meant to awaken the heroine from a sleeping state and performed by the hero while she is still asleep. He is rewarded for his crossing of boundaries and kissing this sleeping maiden by ending up with her for their “happy ending.”

Many bookseller sites are wary of stories involving dubious consent and often censor those stories from their sites or censor descriptions of those stories or hide these stories in the dungeons of their websites. Booksellers are often afraid of offending their customer base with stories that seem to be simulations of actions in the real world that would legally be considered kidnap and rape. Trust me, in the real world, anyone who acted the way characters often act in my erotic stories would probably be in serious legal jeopardy. So, how can I as feminist, write stories in which my female characters offer dubious consent to the many sexual situations they happen to fall into?

First, erotica is not meant to be politically correct. I cannot imagine anything less sexually satisfying than only being allowed to have state approved sexual fantasies. Part of the appeal of erotica is about the taboo – pushing the boundaries within writing—in order to feel excited, guilty, and maybe even a little bit dirty at the same time. I don’t do vanilla sex – give me all the flavours and hell, yes, put those damn sprinkles on top. I don’t want cotton candy all the time – sometimes, I want it blended with spoonfuls of raw cayenne so that it burns as it melts in my mouth and goes down my throat.

Second, erotica is not about real life. Erotica is about sexual fantasy. You don’t read erotica for any other reason than to stimulate the most powerful sexual organ in your body – your brain. I can’t imagine why people should feel guilty about their sexual fantasies or should have their sexual fantasies censored. As long as you don’t try to re-enact sexual fantasies out in the real world with unwilling partners, why should you feel that you have to behave in a morally correct way in your mind or in literature?

Finally, dubious consent allows women the freedom to cum without the responsibility for making their orgasms happen. I think the idea of women being sexually dominated and loving it appeals to both male and female readers for several reasons. The first is that women are often still taught by society that it is somehow wrong to be free and expressive sexual beings. Good girls are not supposed to want to have crazy hot sex or explore any deviant sexual desires that might flicker through their minds. Good girls might feel guilty about expressing their sexual needs, but if their partner takes control of them, then they will have no reason to feel guilty. Stories of dubious consent then become ways for women to explore being dominated – some much more roughly than others – but always, ultimately in a way that gives women pleasure even if it’s a very, very shameful pleasure.

Dubious consent plays with the taboo ideas of despoiling innocence and making someone go out of his or her mind with such an overpowering sexual need that the body controls the mind. It’s hot because characters are forced to let go of their society imposed moral inhibitions and simply get swept away in waves of unending pleasure. Dubious consent does not usually involve intense violence (that would fall under the category of forced consent) although there can include elements of mild to moderate BDSM. Every erotic story I write has elements of dubious consent. Deep down, the moral part of your brain might feel a tiny bit guilty to enjoy seeing my heroines get taken so often (sort-of) against their overt consent. Yet, the lizard part of your brain will thrill to see what happens to these heroines as much as they orgasm to be taken with such dubious consent.

So, take a chance and cross into the erotic realm of dubious consent; you’ll encounter smoking hot scenes of rough, kinky, possessive sex. Trust me, you’ll cum for dubious consent too and then you’ll keep cumming back for more…

The Claiming of Anahita, the Submissive Angel of Fertility (Angels of the Light, #2) by Bella Swann

The Claiming of Rebellious Ryssa (Warrior Women of Chrysalis, #1) by Bella Swann
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Why I Cum for Monster Sex; Trust Me, You’ll Cum Hard Too

Why I Cum for Monster Sex – Trust Me, You’ll Cum Hard Too

Monster sex? Sex with supernatural animals? Isn’t that sick – perverted – shhh….bestiality? Why yes, dear reader, it is pseudo-bestiality but trust me, it’s so much more than that.

First of all, let’s address the pseudo-bestiality issue since that’s often a censorship issue that monster sex indie writers frequently encounter. Some of my monster sex erotica has been banned on certain bookseller sites because it seems to skirt too close to bestiality. I’m not sure how talking sea lions having sex with mermaids is bestiality since both talking sea lions and mermaids are fictional characters. WTF, eh? However, indie writers learn to accept they can’t always win fights against censorship in the same way that mainstream writers can.

Despite laws and societal condemnation against bestiality, pseudo-bestiality has been around in mainstream literature for thousands of years. Don’t believe me – read any Ancient Greek myths lately – Leda and the Swan? Europa and her white bull (their baby grew up to be the Minotaur)? Trust me, Zeus wasn’t just the King of the Olympian gods; he was a randy lover who frequently turned into different types of animals to seduce/rape his human lovers. Read any Ancient Roman literature lately- Petronius’ Satyricon or Apuleius ‘The Golden Ass? The more ancient literature you read, the more you’ll see that monster sex a.k.a. pseudo-bestiality isn’t some modern kink; it’s a taboo that people have been crossing in erotic and mythological literature since words were first written down.

A few years ago, after having mind-blowing sex with a lover, he joked that it was too bad he had only one mouth and two hands. We had a good laugh about that, but that’s the problem when you have sex with humans – they have only one mouth and two hands. Now, I know one can have multiple lovers (and thus, multiple mouths and hands) and erotica frequently depicts group sex but there’s just something about those monsters that can be so effing hot.

So, why do I cum so effing hard for monster sex and why will you cum so effing hard too? There’s something so alpha male about a monster. He sees you and takes you in every weird, and wicked, and wonderful way. He’s got tentacles or horns or claws or tails and he’s the ultimate bad boy who will take you even if all you want to do is run away. But don’t worry, this dangerous monster will focus all his attention and appendages on you and give you the mind-blowing pleasure that your body wants but your mind is too in control or afraid to accept – at least, at first. Now, I know I’m only talking about male monsters here because so far, I’ve mainly written about male monster sex (although two of the sea lions taking advantage of the innocent mermaid Delilah in The Claiming of Delilah were female). But, I have some ideas for some more alpha female monsters who will be actively seeking lovers to dominate in future erotic stories of mine.

When you write about monster sex as much as I do, the world becomes full of erotic fantasies that cross into delightfully taboo realms. When you read monster sex erotica, you will never be able to watch a science fiction or fantasy or action movie without wondering, does the hero really need to kill the monster? Surely, sex with the monster would be so much more satisfying a happy ending? Why slay the dragon or kill the kraken? Don’t let those claws and tentacles go to waste, dear reader. I’m sure the monster would much prefer the innocent maiden bound up by ropes so tightly against the pillar of stone to be a sexual sacrifice that he gets to take again and again instead of a quick mouthful that is swallowed up and quickly forgotten.

So, take a chance and cross into the realm of pseudo-bestiality a.k.a. monster sex; you’ll encounter smoking hot scenes of rough, kinky, animalistic, possessive sex. Trust me, you’ll cum for monster sex too.

The Claiming of Rouge in the Deep Woods (Twisted Fairy Tales for the Sexually Adventurous, #1) by Bella Swann

The Claiming of Wondrous Woman in the Land of Ice and Snow (Super Heroines in Erotic Bondage, #1) by Bella Swann
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January 2, 2015

20 Reasons Why Border Security: Canada’s Front Line Should Be on Your List of Must-Watch T.V. for 2015

20 Reasons Why Border Security: Canada’s Front Line Should Be on Your List of Must-Watch T.V. for 2015

So, a few months ago, I was flipping through TV channels one evening, and noticed there was a show on the National Geographic Channel called Border Security: Canada’s Front Line. (I found out later that it’s also on another channel called Detour too.) I couldn’t imagine what sorts of things would be on such a show or why anyone would want to watch a show about people crossing the Canadian border. Since there was nothing else to watch that night, I started watching the show and immediately became addicted to it. Luckily, it’s on its third season, so I had lots of episodes I could watch to catch up on what I had missed. Thank goodness for YouTube as well for watching catch-up episodes.

Whenever my friends ask why I love this show so much, I always try to explain that it’s a voyeuristic pleasure, a soap opera, and ultimately, a modern Canadian morality play, for the following 20 reasons:

1. See People Lie Because They Are Doing Something Illegal – In one episode, an American travelling to Alaska to live through the Abbotsford – Huntingdon land border crossing declares two firearms but claims that his prohibited assault rifle was left behind in the U.S. with his Dad. The CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) agent calls the man’s father and asks him if his son has left anything behind in the U.S. that will have to be shipped later. Dad says no. The CBSA agent gives the traveller several more chances to admit that he is smuggling the assault rifle but the American man keeps saying that he left the assault rifle in the U.S. despite what his Dad says. The CBSA agents search the American’s trailer and find the hidden assault rifle. They then arrest the American for smuggling a weapon into Canada. The American actually acts quite surprised to be arrested despite the fact he was guilty of smuggling a prohibited weapon into Canada AND lying to a CBSA officer – both of which are crimes. The moral of this story – don’t break Canada’s strict gun laws and don’t lie.

2. See People Lie for No Clear Reason – In one episode, an American woman from Utah is crossing the B.C. border to visit a friend for the day. It seems like a long way to travel for less than a day so the CBSA agents question her further. She gives them the phone number of the friend she will be visiting but turns out the friend is still in Utah. When the CBSA agents confront the Utah woman, she keeps changing her story. They search her car, swab her for drugs, but can’t find anything illegal she is doing. However, because she has told them so many bizarre lies, they refuse to allow her to cross into Canada since they really don’t know what she really intends to do in Canada. The moral of this story is to tell the truth about what you are really intending to do when you cross the border.

3. See People Lie Because They Think They Will Get Through Customs Faster – In one episode, a Canadian woman coming back from Jamaica claims not to have any food products or plants on her because she doesn’t want to go through the hassle of being searched. Unfortunately, for her, she gets searched, and the food products/plants are found. Luckily, for her, the food/plant products weren’t prohibited. However, the tea leaves are seized because she didn’t declare them on her form. She does get a little lecture about the importance of being truthful when filling out the customs’ declaration form the next time she travels, but is let go without a fine.

4. See People Lie Because They Don’t Want to Pay Duties – In one episode, a traveller coming back from China claims he is only bringing back $600 worth of goods into Toronto. The CBSA agent searches him further and finds he is bring back more cigarettes than he is allowed to and prohibited food products that he has not declared. He gets fined $1300 for the prohibited food and $89 for the duties on the cigarettes. Luckily, for him, if he pays the fine right away, it goes down to $650 instead. He paid and walked away, poorer but wiser. (By the way, I don't feel bad for travellers who have to pay duties on goods bought outside of Canada. I pay duties on my goods and I expect others to pay duties on theirs.)

5. See How Many People Try to Carry Weapons across Border – There are so many episodes in which people try to carry brass knuckles, firearms, stun guns, and knives with spring releases across the border. It does make one wonder why they feel the need to arm themselves so heavily either in their own country or when they travel to another country. The moral of these episodes are to admit you are carrying weapons when the CBSA agent asks you if you have any. You won’t be allowed to bring prohibited weapons into Canada, but you will not be arrested for smuggling weapons into Canada if you are honest about what you have. As a Canadian, I have to admit that I definitely feel safer when I see how many weapons CBSA agents stop from crossing the Canadian border.

6. See People Say Too Much to CBSA Agents and Get Turned Back at Border – In one episode, a foreign traveller makes a throwaway comment about eating chocolate being his only weakness because he’s mucked up his life enough. The CBSA agent questions him further and finds out the traveller has actually killed a man in a fight, cut up the man’s body to hide it, and then served time in jail for this crime in his home country. Apparently, the crime was so heinous that the traveller is now banned for life from entering Canada. All this discovery comes from a throwaway comment about preferring to eat chocolate instead of drinking or smoking.

7. See People Say Something That Sounds So Crazy That it Must Be a Lie and Yet it Turns Out to Be True – In one episode, a traveller claims that the dark blue suitcase with lime green rope wrapped around it, which he has used his own key to unlock, is not his suitcase. Apparently, on that flight, he claims there is another dark blue suitcase with lime green rope and a lock that fits his own key. Sounds crazy, right? Well, the CBSA agent takes him back to look for this other suitcase, and lo and behold, there it is, exactly as described by the man with his own name tag attached. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.

8. See How People Try to Hide Stuff in the Mail – Usually Drugs but Also Weapons and Other Contraband – Many episodes show CBSA agents X-raying packages and letters or having them sniffed by dogs. It’s always interesting seeing how sophisticated some concealment methods are re: in cans of baby formula, frames of artwork, soaked around spools of thread…but how the CBSA agents find the contraband anyway. As one CBSA agent said, everyone thinks they are so clever in trying to hide stuff, but the agents will find it anyway.

9. See How Many People Walk around with Drug Residue or Drugs on Them – In one episode, a Canadian woman going cross-border shopping into the U.S. is searched on her way back into Canada. The CBSA agent finds cocaine residue on her I.D. card, keys, and door handles. She first claims to have no idea how cocaine ended up on her property. Later, she claims that “her friends” must have borrowed her stuff without her permission to snort cocaine and left residue behind. The CBSA agents can’t find any drugs that she is carrying across so they let her go. I doubt she was as pure as the driven snow ;-) but it’s not their job to police morality just the border.

10. See How Many Rescue Dogs Are Brought Across the Canadian Border – There are so many episodes which feature people bringing rescue animals across the border – both land and air borders – in order to find them homes in Canada. They always have proper documentation and are clearly animal lovers. I just had no idea that Canada was able to provide homes to so many rescue animals from other countries.

11. See How Many People with Criminal Records Try to Cross the Canadian Border – There are so many episodes in which people with criminal records get stopped from entering into Canada. Oftentimes, the offenses are non-violent, but CBSA agents have to check to see whether under the Criminal Code of Canada, that offense makes the traveller ineligible to enter Canada. The agents often explain how travellers can overcome these restrictions by applying for rehabilitation outside of Canada etc. in the future. The CBSA agents aren’t rude when they refuse travellers with criminal records entry into Canada. They are often quite sympathetic but remind travellers that sometimes there are consequences to criminal records and problems crossing international borders is one of those consequences.

12. See How Polite CBSA Agents Can Be to People Even When They Are Lying – In one episode, CBSA agents question two foreign travellers (brothers) who have come to Canada on a visitor’s visa but the CBSA agents suspect they are actually here to work illegally. They question the two brothers separately, examine their cell phones, and realize they are indeed here to work illegally. The brothers are very polite and eventually confess under very minimal pressure from the CBSA agents who simply keep urging them to tell the truth. The CBSA agents give the brothers a lecture for trying to come to Canada to work illegally but tell them to go back home, fill out the correct paperwork, and come back to Canada when they have the proper documentation. The CBSA agents say that the brothers simply made a foolish mistake which is why they refuse them entry into Canada but don’t ban them for a year from re-entering which they could have done. The moral of this story is to confess quickly and the CBSA agents will more than likely go for the softer penalty but if you keep lying, they will ban you for a year or even longer.

13. See How Nice and Helpful CBSA Agents Can Be to People Who Tell the Truth – In one episode, a young American who was on probation for a DUI came to visit Canada from California with his family and girlfriend. He didn’t realize that his DUI made him ineligible to enter Canada. However, when the CBSA agent questioned him about his criminal record, the young man told the truth about this DUI and another arrest for possession of a drug. Because the young man had been so honest and was travelling with his family and seemed to have matured since his earlier arrest, the CBSA agent offered him a temporary resident’s permit to allow him to enter Canada this one-time to be able to go on this trip with his family. As a Canadian, I liked to see how CBSA agents had the flexibility to show compassion and understanding to individuals and didn’t have to be overly draconian in their interpretation of customs’ regulations.

14. See How Funny/Sarcastic CBSA Agents Can Be to People Who Are Lying to Them – In one episode, a CBSA agent questions a foreign national who claims to be bringing only about $40 worth of purchases into Canada after spending a few months abroad. After searching him, having him continually lie as she keeps finding more and more things that he has bought, she gets quite exasperated as he keeps trying to play games and undervalue his purchases. He finally ends up with almost $1100 over his exemption and far more than his declaration. I laughed out loud when she looks at him, rolls her eyes, and says, something like, “hmm, so that’s just a little bit over the $40 that you said.”

15. See How CBSA Dogs Sniff-Out Drugs, Large Sums of Currency, and Prohibited Foods – There are so many hilarious episodes in which people bring drugs, undeclared currency, and undeclared prohibited foods into Canada. People bring marijuana all the time across the border – I have no idea why since it’s not as if it’s that hard to find MJ in Canada. Just go find a group of teenagers and you can find MJ – it’s not rocket science. The undeclared currency is also odd. It’s not illegal to bring large amounts of currency across the border but you have to declare it if it’s equal to or more than $10 000 Canadian. Most of the people who do so probably aren’t doing so for illegal purposes but they just don't want the hassle of going through a secondary examination at Customs so they don’t declare it. The problem is that they then can get fined for not declaring it. Until I watched this show, I had no idea that travellers often brought suitcases of food with them because they wanted to have their taste of home with them. The problem is that so many foods are prohibited from crossing international borders so they end up getting their food seized and often having to pay fines although sometimes, they can get off with a warning depending on how quickly they confess.

16. See How CBSA Agents Make a Point of Separating Private Drug Usage From Bringing Drugs Across the Border – There are many episodes in which CBSA agents question travellers about their exposure to illegal drugs while abroad before the agents do swab tests of travellers’ belongings. The CBSA agents always make a point of reminding travellers that what they do in private or on vacation is their own business, but the agent’s job is to prevent drugs from crossing the border into Canada. Often travellers will confess their usage of drugs abroad or even in Canada but as long as they are not carrying drugs on them, the agents allow them to cross the border. Of course, if travellers do bring drugs across the border on them, they will be arrested. If it’s marijuana, and the amounts are small enough, the travellers will often be released and usually refused entry into Canada. (Canadians are always allowed back into Canada, regardless of drug possession, of course). However, possession of other drugs, in any amount, usually results in the RCMP being called in.

17. See How Clever CBSA Agents Can Be in How They Question People in Their Truth Tests – In one episode, a CBSA agent questions a Dutch woman about whether she has come to Canada on a visitor’s visa but is actually intending to work. She had worked in Canada in the past on a work visa and to see whether she was telling the truth about only being a visitor on this trip, the CBSA agent called up her former employers. He didn’t ask them IF she was going to work for them again BUT WHEN she was scheduled to start to work for them again. Both employers told the CBSA agent the dates she was scheduled to start work for them again. Because she had lied to the CBSA agent and knew that she needed a work visa to work, she wasn’t just refused entry to Canada, she was also barred from entering Canada for one year.

18. See how CBSA Agents Operate as part of Inland Enforcement - Until I watched this show, I had no idea that part of the job of CBSA agents was to find and arrest people who were in Canada illegally. The CBSA agents seem to be going after criminals – those people connected to the drug trade or pedophiles – in the episodes that I have seen. It’s interesting seeing CBSA agents in what seems to be such a policing function although that does fit in with the immigration aspect of their mandate as well.

19. See How CBSA Agents Prevent Pornography with Children and Pornography with Animals from Entering Canada – There are several episodes in which travellers try to cross the border with images of child pornography on their computers or electronic devices and are arrested. The Bestiality images are a little harder to define and spot. In one episode, two CBSA agents examine an artist’s computer and try to determine if cartoon images of cartoon humans having sex with cartoon animals/mermaids count as bestiality under Canada’s Criminal Code. They decide that those images don’t fit the definition of bestiality. N.B. I have to admit that as a writer of monster sex erotica, I did give a sigh of relief when I saw the CBSA agents didn’t count cartoon images as bestiality. ;-)

20. See How Border Security Canada: Canada’s Frontline is a Modern-Day Morality Play that Reinforces the Principles of Law and Order in Canada – Ultimately, this show reinforces the idea that people should tell the truth and obey the laws of the country they are entering. This show is clearly meant to educate people about the role of CBSA agents and border regulations. It also does a good job of humanizing the CBSA so that travellers have a greater understanding of why they are undergoing often stressful examinations at the border. However, I like that the CBSA agents are not portrayed as omniscient and omnipotent. They are often shown questioning travellers who might have demonstrated suspicious behaviours or been flagged by the drug and food CBSA dogs but ultimately are allowed to pass into Canada because they are not carrying contraband. The CBSA agents are also shown as flexible in how they can apply customs’ regulations. For instance, in several episodes, travellers were refused entry into Canada but there were no flights immediately back to where they had come from. If the CBSA agents thought the travellers were flight risks, the travellers were kept in holding. However, if the agents thought the travellers would return for the next flight, the travellers were allowed to enter Canada for the night and then report the next morning to the CBSA office. This happened in several episodes and the travellers who were given temporary entry into Canada all returned for their flights home.

I think this show does a really good job of humanizing CBSA agents – they do seem genuinely to like people and clearly have a high tolerance for being lied to given how many times a day that people lie to them. They also seem to have a sense of humour about their interactions with many of the unusual people and situations that they encounter. Overall, I like that the CBSA agents are shown as polite and firm, but also sometimes sarcastic, because I think that’s true to the Canadian character. So, if you want to watch a wildly addictive show, and gain some insight into the Canadian character, this is a must-see show of 2015.

N.B. There are other Border Security type shows for the U.K., the U.S.A., Australia, and New Zealand. They are also worth checking out on YouTube because they will give you valuable insight into the character of those countries as well.
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December 29, 2014

A Review of Wolf Creek, The Reef, The Grey, and the Horror Haiku: Dark Elf

One of the hardest things for me when I started writing erotica was that so many people told me that I needed to create a blog in order to gain visibility and put myself "out there." I know that it's important for an indie writer to promote him or herself but it felt a little odd to blog so much about myself - my hopes, dreams, ideas, inspirations... I have struggled with the idea of blogging all year and finally had an epiphany. I don't have to use my blog to promote myself or the works that I have written exclusively. I can, instead, use my blog to talk about movies that I have seen or books that I have read by other authors- whether they fall into the erotica genre or not.

I am, actually, a voracious reader and movie viewer. What many readers may not know is that I leave a LOT of reviews under the name Bella Swann Erotica on Amazon of things that I have purchased with my own money either on Amazon or other sites. I am going to use this blog to spotlight some of those reviews in no particular rhyme or reason but as the spirit moves me. I will also include new reviews of items that I read or view in the upcoming year.

I am a huge fan of horror and recently saw and reviewed the following three horror movies and one YouTube video:

1. Wolf Creek (2005) directed by Greg Mclean starring John Jarratt and Cassandra Magrath.

This movie was bloody, brutal, and disturbing on a visceral level. I loved it even though it gave me nightmares! It starts off as a typical horror movie; young people travelling around doing typical touristy things. Little do they know, they have been targeted by a psychopath who at first seems to be their saviour and then becomes their tormentor. It's really well-done and keeps the viewer in a constant state of anxiety and suspense. I will never hear the words, "meat on a stick" again without thinking of this movie! I gave this movie 5 stars.

2. The Reef (2011) directed by Andrew Traucki starring Damian Walshe and Gyton Grantley.

I loved this movie because it showed human nature at its finest. Normally, when I watch shark attack movies, they are usually full of teenagers who are picked off by the sharks as punishment for the teenagers committing some type of anti-establishment behaviour - underage drinking, sex, drug use etc. This movie was quite different. The four main characters who are forced to swim 12 miles in shark infested waters to reach land are all good people. They are terrified of sharks and once they realize they are being stalked by a shark, their fear is tangible. What follows is a suspenseful movie that keeps the viewer tensed up wondering who will be attacked first or next...What blows me away is how when one of their own is attacked, they swim through circles of blood, not knowing where the shark is, in a futile attempt to save the swimmer. That selflessness is human nature at its finest and why I wanted all of them to survive. I gave this movie 5 stars.

3. The Grey (2012) directed by Joe Carnahan starring Liam Neeson and Dermot Mulroney.

This is an amazing movie that is so much more than a simple action movie - it is a movie about the survival of the fittest - about how in the worst of times, the best and the worst aspects of human beings come out. The plot is relatively simple - a plane flying down to Anchorage crashes on its way from farther north in Alaska and the survivors have to figure out how to navigate a deadly wilderness without real hope of rescue. To give you too much would be a huge spoiler for the movie especially the unbelievably tense ending that left me gasping. The wolves are absolutely terrifying in this movie and will definitely give me nightmares. For those who are fans of shark attack movies, imagine the wolves as vicious and deadly as sharks but on land instead. Chilling movie! I gave this movie 5 stars.

4. Bonus Review - I saw a short Horror Haiku video produced by Meera Kim of Seraph Films on YouTube today that deserves to be spotlighted here:

Horror Haiku: Dark Elf (2014) directed by Michael Chrisoulakis and starring Liv Southard and Nicholas Jacqua. It was written by indie Goodreads author Lisa Dee.

Dark Elf is a strangely disturbing take on a young girl waiting for Santa Claus in that much anticipated night before Christmas. The depictions of neither the young girl nor Santa Claus fit our traditional expectations of what will happen indeed when Santa Claus comes down that chimney. If you want to experience a short but chilling burst of horror, this is a YouTube you should definitely watch. I would give this video 5 stars as well if YouTube had a rating system other than the thumbs up, of course.

Hope you check out some of these horror movies and let me know what you think.

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December 22, 2014

Contest to Win Free Bella Swann Erotica Ebooks!

Go to Jane Bled's Blog for her Treasure Hunt Giveaway:

I am giving away three copies of the following three books:

- The Claiming of Wondrous Women in the Land of Ice and Snow

- The Claiming of Sophia the Sheltered Angel of Wisdom

- The Claiming of Angelica the Supernatural Sleuth

Answer the easy challenge question and then enjoy your own happy ending!

XOXO, Bella
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