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The Bride Train Arrives With A New Story

Ship in women to pacify rioting men? This idea was actually proposed in 1869 when settlers in Kansas were burning ties and tearing up tracks to protest what they viewed as unfair railroad land policies. The unusual matchmaking program never got off the ground, but what a great idea for a romance series!

Tempting Prudence (The Bride Train, Book #3) by E.E. Burke

This Thursday, Aug. 11, the latest release in The Bride Train series arrives. Over the next three days we'll be featuring each of the books in this top-rated series along with interesting tidbits about the brides and grooms--plus, some cool giveaways.

Meet the brides...

While researching the railroad-sponsored bride immigration program, the first question that popped into my head was: “What kind of woman would answer an advertisement to leave everything behind and go to an uncivilized land to marry a virtual stranger?

Valentine's Rose by E.E. Burke

Valentine's Rose, Book 1, features destitute Irish laundress Rose Muldoon, who grew up in Five Points, a crime-ridden slum in New York City that housed a large Irish immigrant population.

The descriptions of this slum were so awful it made me wonder why more people didn’t leave. Crowded, unsanitary, crime-ridden…but to the immigrants who lived there, it was home. For Rose, it takes more than poverty to drive her away. After unimaginable tragedy strikes, she leaves behind the familiar and ventures into the unknown, longing to replace the family she’s lost and find a place to belong.

Come by Get Lost in a Story, meet Rose and two other women who answer a railroad advertisement to go west and become brides for settlers on the Western frontier.

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Romance Week Special Offer

We're celebrating Valentine's Week in Noelle with a special offer on four seasonal romances in the Brides of Noelle series, including my bestselling novella, Jolie.

Here's what readers are saying:

"Enjoyed this Valentine motif, especially the creative way of introducing Valentine cards and seeing eye dogs. Well done E. E. Burke."

"E.E. Burke brings a great novella to this amazing series. In this case two characters who deal with personal issues which could make them outcasts become incredibly strong characters to the growing town of Noelle. Sometimes sight is not necessary to see clearly into one's heart. Hank, Jolie and of course Bear become so memorable -especially on Valentine's Day."

What better way to celebrate romance than with a sale! This week only, Jolie is 99 cents.

Jolie A Valentine's Day Bride (Brides of Noelle Love For All Seasons, #2) by E.E. Burke

And so are three other books from bestselling series authors: Kit Morgan Amanda McIntyre, and Jacqui Nelson.

Ophelia A Valentine's Day Bride (Brides of Noelle Love For All Seasons, #1) by Kit Morgan
Norah A St. Patrick's Day Bride (Brides of Noelle Love For All Seasons, #3) by Amanda McIntyre
Robyn A Christmas Bride (Brides of Noelle Book 9) by Jacqui Nelson

Get all four for less than the price of a mocha latte!

Use this link to the four brides books on sale: http://bit.ly/BON99

Happy Valentine's Day!

E.E. Burke
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