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Alien Zombie Apocalypse a (Kaustikworld)

Promotion on all things Alien & Zombie with an apocalyptic twist.

New unpublished authors join here with any questions you may have about getting published, and, I will help to keep you from being ripped off or scammed out of your hard work and money. Also as I progress forward I have a ton of insight on self publishing, advertising, web design with the do’s and don’t for writers seeking publication as I have been scammed and ripped off a few thousand dollars so far. Get the info now while its free as I plan to write a book about people stealing our hard work.
There are sites such as who charges $35.00 per pitch for movie ideas. Don’t do this as I have wasted $600.00. You would be better off buying books and handing them out for free or using the money purchase advertisements on book reading sites such as,,,,, and many more that I am still seeking to post on. Put a short video on http://www.YouTube to showcase your talent. Use, start a Twitter account and create a buzz.
I used to create my website, it is so simple just drag n drop everything and they will guide you through the process on getting your site on the main search engines. (Great web host)
A very precious fact is that anyone can put there work on and sell it without being published. All you need is a bank account. No ISBN code needed. Many have made millions selling short stories for .99 cents. is a place to find funding for your project for free. (Haven’t tried it yet but going to)
I personally self published with It is a wonderful easy to use platform. You can publish for free but you will need to have them arrange the file to fit the book size. There is no way around this as I tried. It cost’s roughly $329.00 I believe. They also convert your book to an E-book for Kindle for $69.00. And after all that it is available for sale on your own CreateSpace web page and on Amazon. The upside to this self publishing hub is you keep roughly 50% of the profit earned for each book. I think it is the highest paying publisher online so far. You will not even see .50 cents per book with a traditional publisher.
But you have to be committed and work hard to spread the word in order to make sales!
And as silly as it sounds and even if your married or whatever join dating sites. Just don’t get caught because the divorce may be more expensive than the profits you earn. (joking) There are millions of people that will click on your profile and lo and behold you have a picture of your book up there. Mass exposure that is the game here.
If I can help any of you please don’t hesitate to ask.
That’s what I’m here for!!!!

Buy my book here: A debauchery of onslaught
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Published on August 17, 2013 14:47 Tags: alien, apocalypse, horror, publishing, scifi, self-publishing, writing, zombie