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Try something new!

The Kings DaughterWhy not try something new?
Dive into a romantic journey, as Princess Grace enters court and experiences love and deceit. Witness the dangers a beautiful girl fights through, as her parents plan her rise to the throne.

This historic romance has turned fist timers into historic lovers!
The Kings Daughter is total fiction with no truth to the story line or past events.

The Kings Daughter (HighBorn series #1) by K.T. Fisher

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Published on August 28, 2016 03:31 Tags: historic, love-story

Did you know that I have a historical romance out?

Did you guys know that I have a historical romance book out?
Well if you enjoy historical romances, then I'm sure you will love The Kings Daughter!

When you’re the daughter of the King and Queen of England, you have a birth given duty not only for your family but for your country. A Princess does not have the choice of love. Marriage is nothing more than an arranged match to boost alliances and feed the greed of the rich.
Princess Grace is now old enough to enter court and her journey is about to begin. Court wasn't what she had imagined, and Grace realises quickly everything she thought to be true was far from it. Through the depravity of court, the deceit and betrayal, she finds out that love is everywhere, even if it's not the usual kind.
She’s been raised to protect her virtue and in turn, her family’s reputation. If Grace gives in to temptation, she could ruin everything and that cannot happen. Not when your father wants you as a future Queen. But it's not only flirting that puts Grace in danger, hidden in shadows are people who would love to ruin Englands reputation and Grace seems the perfect target.
Can Grace find her way through many lies and deceit and find herself the right husband for her, even if her King has other ideas.

The King's Daughter is available on all platforms and remember to leave me a review or get in touch to let me know what you thought

The Kings Daughter
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Published on January 24, 2018 12:05 Tags: historic, historical-romance, love-story