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The Pearl is the tallest building in the world. Built in Hong Kong, the retail spaces on the lower levels are open but the residential levels above the 96th floor are still empty. The problem is getting insurance to cover the residential areas. Will Sawyer, a building security analyst, is called in to assess the Pearl. His family moves into the building on the 98th floor for a month as a way to sweeten the deal. Based on Will’s findings, the building meets all acceptable standards for safety and security. However, before the next step can be taken, a known mobster moves in to stop the owner and retrieve the information stored on a hard drive. The 96th floor is set on fire. Will is pushed to the brink to save his family from the fire.

Really suspenseful and a lot of action. Dwayne Johnson stars as Will Sawyer and he does an excellent job in the role. He’s become a much more convincing actor, more than a good looking guy with a lot of muscles. The computer graphics were something. Nothing like hanging out of the 98th floor to get a view of the city. It could make some people with a little queasy and bring on a fear of heights.
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Published on July 16, 2018 07:31 • 114 views • Tags: dwayne-johnson, skyscraper, will-sawyer