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It took me two weeks to see this one. I thought it was a horror film. Not! It's really a fun, superhero movie.

Eddie Brock, a hotshot investigative reporter in San Francisco, lands an interview with Dr. Carlton Drake of the Life Foundation who may be conducting some dangerous experiments. Eddie sees him as a crook but when he confronts the doctor in the interview, he’s thrown out of his office, loses his job, and his fiancée, Annie breaks up with him. When given an opportunity to investigate deeper, he becomes infected with an alien parasite. For some reason, his body can host the parasite without dying. The parasite becomes accustomed to Eddie and likes him and they become a team to fight against Drake and his parasite.

Tom Hardy stars as Eddie Brock, Michelle Williams is Annie, and Riz Ahmed is the dastardly Dr. Carlton Drake. The movie received low ratings, only 31% from Smashed Tomatoes, but I really liked it. I think Tom Hardy has a future as Venom and there will probably be another one in the future. For those willing to wait through the credits, there is a small preview early on and another one way at the end.
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Published on October 22, 2018 07:51 • 61 views • Tags: michelle-williams, riz-ahmed, tom-hardy, venom