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Published in 2018, this is the 25th book by this author. I found this to be an interesting and fascinating book.

A bomb maker in California has a new mission in life, to destroy the LAPD bomb squad. He devises an unusual bomb, turning a house into one and luring the bomb squad inside. The squad successfully escapes the first bomb, but not the second. Fourteen of the eighteen members are killed instantly. The Deputy Chief of Police, Ogden, calls upon an old friend and former leader of the bomb squad for help. Dick Stahl has his own security company, but he feels obligated to help his friend, Ogden. He returns to the bomb squad and takes charge. The next day, a new bomb has appeared. A car has been chained to a gas pump and left.

The author seems to have an intimate knowledge of making and defusing bombs, beyond what can be picked up through research. He puts that to work in a heart-stopping work of fiction but his last chapter seemed a little out of sync. I think it should have been called an epilogue instead of another chapter, only because it no longer dealt with the bomber. The bomber was the antagonist but he was the main character of the story and the book was named after him. He was never given a name and only referred to as the bomb maker. I’ve tried to do that and found it very difficult to do. I always felt I had to give the character a name.

If you like thrillers, this one is pretty good. I haven’t read any other books by this author so I’ll be looking for some.
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