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Published in 2012. Meg Tolman is a federal agent and deputy director of a little-known branch of federal law enforcement called the Research and Investigative Officer (RIO). She’s surprised to find out that she was named the emergency point of contact for Dana Cable, a young woman she’d met several years ago and had no contact with since. Dana was a cellist and had died when she slipped and fell on a quay wall in North Carolina. Meg investigates and finds too many clues inconsistent with the findings. She escorts the body home to Kansas where she’s buried, the last of her family. After the funeral, a woman approaches Meg and hands her an envelope, telling her only that she’ll be enlightened. The woman disappears and the envelope contains a copy of a letter from Napoleon the Third to Jefferson Davis, offering to support the Confederate States. Meg is left with more questions than answers and definitely, no enlightenment.

Interesting book, combining some historical events with a modern day thriller. It is fiction, but there was communication between the French government and Jefferson Davis during the civil war. The unusual player in the book is the woman assassin, Ann Gray, who is an efficient killer and manipulator and turns the table on her former employer.

Of note, the author delves into subject of profound autism with the son of a history professor helping on the case. He seems to be unreachable, yet he may understand more than what his father knows. The author, too, has a son with autism and uses to add more depth and understanding to the story.
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