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Wow! Great film. This is based on a true story. Shortly after 9/11, the U.S. had an opportunity to stop Al Qaeda in its tracks by securing Mazur-i-Sharif, a city in Afghanistan against the Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters. The U.S. Army sent a group of Special Forces soldiers in to support General Dostum, an Afghan leader without ties to the Taliban. Captain Mitch Nelson leads the group of soldiers, 12 in all, to help the General take the city. The Captain promises to have it done in three weeks. The Army’s giving him six weeks and analysts believe it will take two years. The only mode of transportation in the rugged mountains is horse and only the Captain has any experience riding one. The Americans meet skepticism and doubt from the Afghan General who leads them into battle.
Chris Hemsworth does an outstanding job as Captain Nelson. I’d say this was one of his best roles. Even though he’s Australian, no one would know from his accent to his mannerisms. It’s not too far of a stretch, but he can be an American so far as I’m concerned.
Navid Negahbam shines as General Dostum, giving the role great depth and a lot of heart.
The rest of the cast was also top notch with Michael Shannon as the crusty Warrant Officer Hal Spencer and Michael Pena as Sam Diller.
It’s no wonder that war has been so hard on our soldiers and based on what the General says, America will be another tribe in Afghanistan. So far, so true. We can’t find a way to leave.
Lots of fighting and action. Not everyone can handle this film, but I thought it was great.
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Published on January 22, 2018 05:30 • 206 views • Tags: 12-strong, afghanistan, chris-hemsworth, michael-pena, michael-shannon, navid-negahbam, special-forces
Scott Lang, the Ant-Man, has three days to go to finish his two-year sentence of house arrest. However, he has a vision of Janet Pym, the wife of scientist Hank Pym, playing hide-and-seek with daughter, Hope. But the strange thing is Scott has never met Janet. He calls Hank to tell him and is dragged into a plan to go into the quantum work to find Janet. Hank needs one more part to complete a device to locate Janet but he’s betrayed to the FBI by the seller. In his escape, he shrinks his lab, actually the entire building, and flees with his daughter to the Muir Woods. Scott returns home just before the FBI invades his house, looking for him. The pursuit to find Janet is complicated not only by the greedy seller but also by an old rival, Bill Foster, who wants the quantum drive for himself.

This movie was great fun. Dr. Pym has given the Ant-Man a new suit that not only allows him to be small but also large. At one point, he’s eighty-five feet tall. However, it’s a prototype and doesn’t always work well. The Wasp who is Pym’s daughter, Hope, teams up with the Ant-Man to fight off the bad guys so her father can work. They make a good team. The special effects in this movie are great and used with a sense of humor.

Paul Rudd stars as the Ant-Man or Scott Lang, Michael Douglas is Dr. Hank Pym, Evangeline Lilly is the Wasp and Hope, and Michelle Pfeiffer is Janet or Mom.
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Published on July 09, 2018 07:24 • 159 views • Tags: ant-man-and-the-wasp, evangeline-lilly, michael-douglas, michael-pena, michelle-pfeiffer, paul-rudd