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Published in 2018.

Former FBI Director James Comey provides an insightful memoir on his life of government service and the influential people in his life. As a high school senior, he and his brother encountered to Ramsey Rapist, a man who had attacked a dozen times beginning his spree in Ramsey, New Jersey. He thought they were going to die that night and made him realize that his life has meaning and he had to stand for something to make a difference. His path led him to law and he became a United States Attorney, working for the federal district in Manhattan. His first case dealt with the Mafia. His other case work included Martha Stewart and the Clintons. His success drew the attention of higher ups in the Department of Justice where he became Deputy Attorney General in the Bush Administration. He left government service for about eight years and returned under the Obama Administration as Director of the FBI. Comey provides unique insights to working under both Presidents.

Then the election year of 2016 came around. First came the Hillary Clinton email scandal and then the Russia Investigation. Both hot topics during the election that surprised the nation when Donald Trump was elected as President. As FBI Director, Comey had served only four years of his ten-year appointment and expected to complete his tenure. The President expected Comey to fall in line, but he didn’t. As the Director, his job was to keep the FBI out of politics, but the President felt otherwise. While Comey was on a trip to the field office in Los Angeles, he saw on the news he’d been fired. He received formal notification only after he returned to Washington.

This marked the end of a distinguished career in government service. Not the right ending for such a career. While I didn’t always agree with the man, he deserved respect, more than he received. Maybe it’s funny to fire someone on a reality TV show after a few weeks of ‘work,’ but at least, it was done in person. Not through the media. I couldn’t agree with Comey more when he hoped readers would “choose a higher loyalty…find truth among lies…and pursue ethical leadership.”

I enjoyed reading this book very much. The author includes many serious subjects but also touches on the lighter side of his service. I like his writing style and more than that I like the man. Too bad we don’t have more like him.
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