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Published in 2018.

Embers from a campfire quickly are kicked up by the wind and spread fire quickly on Meredith Mountain in Montana. Fire crews are dispatched, but they aren’t enough to stop it. Residents of the nearby town of Fort’s Clark watch with trepidation. The local weekly, the Guardian, sends Stuart Campbell out of cover it and his reports and photographs make headlines across the country. Fortunately, it begins to rain and the fire is brought under control. However, fire fighters uncover a grisly discovery in the ashes. A dead body. No one knows who it is but a red sneaker is found in a tree not far away.

Stuart’s Aunt Alice joins the newspaper staff as a part time billing clerk after retiring from teaching school. She volunteers to help her nephew edit his work and soon, finds other duties as well, which includes identifying the victim of the fire.

The author provides quite a bit of information about fire wildfires and coincidentally, drug use. They aren’t intimately related, but they do cross paths. And a note to all of us who live in the Western U.S., this is fire season. It's already started in California and will only get worse.

This is a short book based on the number of pages but it read like a longer one. I wasn’t totally captivated by this book, but I did read it all.
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